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Gays are like that

Filed By Alex Blaze | December 22, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Re. Gohmert warns America that the gays will crawl into bed with straight soldiers. Sounds hot.

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'Sounds hot'?

Wow, I can't believe you said that...doesn't such a post just play into what the homophobes are saying?

I realize you were being funny, but still, things get linked to here and twisted to support right-wing propaganda...

The dude sounds like he was recounting a story he read on a gay porn site as if it were a credible threat. I think it should be put into its probable original context.

Well, I'll defer to your judgement. :)

However, aside from the homophobe aspects I mentioned above, making light of unwanted sexual advances is just a big trigger for me. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard directly and read online from women. Pretty much any time this topic comes up in a group of women, most everyone will have some personal experience with unwanted advances and how much they were unsettled, freaked out, scared, and/or damaged by them. So perhaps I am being oversensitive or a prude, but being amused is not my typical response to suck jokes.

Of course it would be hot, two bodies means more heat than one.

By his reasoning, STRAIGHT men should be banned from the armed services!
The most recent reports I can find indicate that ONE-THIRD of all women in the military are sexually assaulted or raped during their service. And indications are that most do NOT report the assaults for fear of retaliation.
Rape should not be a requirement for a woman to serve her country!

One thing that I think has gotten overlooked in this long, nightmarish debate is that many young men and women enter the service fully believing they are heterosexual, and do not discover (or admit to themselves) their homosexuality until sometimes years into their service. Again; it harkens back to one of our strongest arguments: that gays have always been in the armed services, and they always will be. Sometimes they are literally 'born of' their homosexuality while serving - perhaps even propelled into it by the way their latently gay brains frame their experiences on base or at war. As such (at least in a technical sense; there are gays in the Chinese Army, the Russian Army, and probably also in the Saudi Army and Taliban.

Only if the "straight" guys let them (but then they wouldn't be straight, would they?).