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James Franco's gay sex research

Filed By Bil Browning | December 15, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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Tags: Inside the Actor's Studio, James Franco, James Lipton, male prostitute, Sonny

So many of you loved the You Gotta See This video I posted last week of James Franco making out with himself in a mirror, that I thought you'd love this find. Franco was on Inside the Actor's Studio recently and talked with host James Lipton about doing research for his movie, Sonny.

Franco went with a male prostitute to a gig at a strip club and watched as "everything went down." Hey, all I'm saying is I'd let him watch. Hell, I'd let him join in too if he winked at me...

The video is after the jump.

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Bil said:

"Hell, I'd let him join in too if he winked at me..."

Ok, I'm telling Patrick Neil Harris!

"his new movie, Sonny"? That film was released in 2002...

Thanks. That's what I get for finding something quickly to fill space while the DADT vote happened, eh? I fixed it.

It just played for me at 1:22 AM. Thanks Bil...

I just didn't want people getting all eager to see James Franco having hot mansex on the big screen when they'll have to make do with their computers/TVs.

I'm still getting 'the video's not available' message.

Bah, back in France and can't watch hulu. I forgot about that in the US. I should have lived it up.

I got a message saying the video is not available on this site, but can be watched on Hulu. You can search "James Franco Inside The Actors Studio" on Hulu, but there's a few hits and I'm not sure which one is the one this blog post is referring to.