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McCain plans to filibuster

Filed By Alex Blaze | December 17, 2010 7:30 AM | comments

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"Yeah, I do. I think my father will filibuster probably. And I think that this will probably pass, and I think gay marriage will pass in this country."

--Meghan McCain on her father's position on DADT

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When can we finally abandon the outmoded phrase "gay marriage?" It is same-sex marriage. Lawmakers are not awarding gay people the right to marry, while denying that right from others who have same sex partners.

I apologize for being so vocal about this issue, but people such as myself are constantly marginalized by fallacious rhetoric like this. There's a radical difference between gay and between non-heterosexual. Yet the media, politicians, and special interest groups do not seem to recognize the significance of sexual diversity.

I ardently support equality for all, but true progress toward equality can only begin once we agree upon the correct lexicon.



Hi Bil, Randall.

Well my GF's father was opposed to 'same-sex marriage rights' until she explained to him that it was not about any special rights being awarded, (which was what all the talk-back radio and religious groups push, so what he understood it to be) but simply equal rights for any couple to marry - gay, straight, trans, bi... and he got it, and was supportive.

So the best term and the most easily understood by all, is "Equal Marriage".

Equal - everyone gets equality.
it's a no-brainer and one the religious right can't hijack or contort.

We need to be smarter, get our shit together and be on the same page so our message is understood *outside* our circles, by 'Ma and Pa' voters.

It's not about our individual identities but about but extending the civil institution to everyone equally and making sure that message is understood, if we're to have any chance in success. Focus on commonality, not difference.

Regards, Grace

Thank you for the wonderful insight, and very well put. I have adopted the phrase "marriage equality" which I agree better describes the rights that we are striving for. Keep up the great work!