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#SSS DADT repeal passes; Log Cabin remains committed to Federal Case

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The SameSexSunday Skype chat room is in full celebration mode after the passage of the bill repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in the Senate Saturday, December 18. Our special double round table episode starts out with a year-in-review and look forward to 2011 with some of our frequent guests: Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Same Sex SundayBilerico Editorial Advisory Board member, Michael Crawford; National News Editor for the EDGE Media Network, Michael Lavers; Bilerico, and Keen News Service contributor and founder of Mombian, Dana Rudolph; and the National Director of Americans for Democratic Action, the country's oldest progressive organization, super ally Michael J. Wilson.

The six of us discussed what constituted victory for LGBT equality in 2010: everything from bullying bills to civil unions in Illinois to marriage in Washington DC. Not to mention wins in the courts. We also discussed all that's just over the horizon in Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and more.

For our second panel we assembled some of our most brilliant "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" experts to discuss what was behind Saturday's whirlwind repeal cloture vote of 63-33 and subsequent passage of 65-31, as well as what lies ahead in the battle to end discharges of lesbian and gay service members. Joining Joe and myself was Field and Development Director of Servicemembers United, Jarrod Chlapowski; senior political writer for MetroWeekly in DC, Chris Geidner; Programs Director for Log Cabin Republicans, Casey Pick; and Co-Director of active duty servicemembers network, OutServe, JD Smith.

In a SameSexSunday exclusive, when Joe asked Casey whether or not Log Cabin Republicans would keep pursuing LCR v USA - the Federal court case that found DADT unconstitutional just a few months ago, and stopped discharge proceedings for 200 hours thanks to Judge Virginia Phillips' worldwide injunction - Casey revealed that LCR was committed to seeing this case through until the discharges stopped. LCR Executive Director R Clarke Cooper confirmed this to Karen Ocamb Saturday as well.

Listen to the whole show below the fold.

"From Log Cabin's perspective, the need for the lawsuit doesn't go away until open service is implemented and the 60 day waiting period has expired," Casey told us.

"We noticed that--particularly during the hearings in the Senate Armed Services Committee--Log Cabin Republicans v the United States was kind of used as the sharp skip to prod Congress into acting now. The idea that you wanted legislative action or else the courts were gonna do it; well I see that as still applying to the Department of Defense, the chairman of Defense, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President certifying that open service will be the law of the land."

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Happy holidays and happy new year from Joe Mirabella and Phil Reese!

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I have to agree with the Log Cabins on this one. They have to keep pushing forward until DADT and anything else is DEAD. With this congress leaving and a congress thats dominated by Republicans and with some serously wacked teabaggers coming soon (omg LOL) who will do anything to block this they have to keep the pressure up.
Even with out the teabaggers coming (LOL) in and screwing things up, the Joint Cheifs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States STILL have to sign off on it stating that it wont adversly impact the current military or the two wars we’re still in. It doesn’t take a McCrystal ball to see that the current heads of the Marines and Army are both opposed to this. That the Secretary of Defense has spoken against it in the not so recent past. That he is being replaced soon by an unknown.
So, yeah, until the ‘fat lady sings’ the LCR needs to keep pushing that law suit down the road.
I figure by the time that it gets to the Supreme Court they may have the DADT Repeal to the point of implementation and it’ll be an 11 o’clock show down between the Supreme Court and a right of center Congress.

Definitely agreed. There are still more than enough people around who remember what the reality of "all deliberate speed" meant in desegregation of schools, and even if I were to trust our "fierce advocate," I certainly wouldn't trust key "born-again" officials within the offices of the several chiefs of staff, such as General Amos, to take a name at random, to move expeditiously.