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The Week Ahead in DADT Repeal

Filed By Jarrod Chlapowski | December 06, 2010 10:30 AM | comments

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I was asked early this morning to write up a quick piece about what's going on for DADT this week. The answer: possibly nothing.

poutyreid2.jpgToday, Reid will be filing cloture on a number of bills: DREAM, a 9/11 bill, others. Once cloture is filed, it will take 30 hours before the Senate can actually vote on the respective motions to proceed. Tuesday will be taken up by discussing whether to remove a judge.

This leaves us with Thursday and Friday, which Reid has set aside for START, tax cuts, others. And possibly filing cloture on a motion to proceed on NDAA. After which 30 hours are needed to go forward on the bill, meaning the Senate can't start debating DADT until Saturday, December 11 at the very earliest.

Now, assuming the barest minimum fair amendment process is utilized with the least amount of time, and assuming Reid keeps to the target December 17th end date of the lame-duck for the Senate, this leaves us with only a few days to conference NDAA, with a Christmas week bill signing by the President. Possible, but increasingly unlikely.

Bottom line: we're skirting it close. Very, very close. Unless NDAA is bumped up on the priority poll, it's difficult to see how DADT will get repealed this year.

The community will disagree over who to pressure over repeal. I think it's pretty clear.

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I'm assuming you're saying, that we should blame Senate leaders. Am I correct? 'Cause I have plenty of anger for Harry. It won't take much effort to muster up some more anger.

Cue Andrew and the "I told you so" tripe.

Cue the "anger." That's worked well this year.

As has trolling, evidently. Thanks for your continued efforts.

By the way, great seeing you at that strategy meeting last week discussing the grassroots education strategy you've been implementing the past few months.

Oh, that wasn't you? Sorry. I take that back. Must have been distracted by all that money my false strategies have been raking in.

"The community will disagree over who to pressure over repeal. I think it's pretty clear."

It's clear the community can't pressure anyone. That's the truth about politics and in our case, because we are still considered a "moral issue," we need those 60 votes. We don't have them.

Those votes need to be elected. That should be our focus, not continuing to pretend we can put "pressure" on anyone. In forty years not a single US Senator has changed their mind about us unless they were from a State where their voters support our equality - like the Northeast.

We need people, not politicians to support our full equality.

And that goes for your little dog, too.

Rick Sutton | December 6, 2010 9:34 PM

Andrew, let's assume, for the sake of pure argument, that you're 100% right. You're not, but let's go with it anyway.

Don't you get tired being this cynical?

What a crappy way to go through life.

Life begins when you get one, pal.

It's not about being "right," Rick, it is about being honest and objective. Give it a try.

This is true for you especially. Quite often you're wrong and that doesn't seem to bother you either. And even when it's proven conclusively that you're wrong, the facts don't matter; you're still going to keep on beating your own drum. It's not about "being right" for you - it's just about the attention.

Which "facts" Bil?

Most of my comments are about strategy and accountability. I want evidence that something is effective and I want our LGBT advocates and activists to be honest with the community.

Much of the conversation on Bilerico is subjective, and it involves many differing opinions, but sooner or later we have to agree to look at the facts and treat every idea, method, strategy and organization equally. That is accomplished by asking if they are effective, not "right" or if they "feel good" or even if they worked 50 years ago. Do they help us?

As I stated above this "Compromise DADT Repeal" was a charade by the Democrats and the LGBT advocacy industry - it never had a chance. It was done to make us believe they were effective and working hard on our behalf - it ignored the reality of 60 votes (again).

Soon, we'll hear "we were so close," and "send more money." This time... we won't.

OK here's a fresh idea. The policy is "don't ask" right? Does that mean that a heterosexual can get booted out for asking? Seems to me that the survey numbers indicate there are a lot of heterosexual supporters serving. What happens to that precious unit cohesion if droves of service people start openly "asking". Perhaps its time to outflank the enemy where they least expect it.