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This is for the lesbian, gays and bisexuals. Watch and learn.

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Actually, this is for NON-TRANS lesbians, gay men and bisexuals (I would have referred to them as cissexuals, but there will be someone with their panties in a knot about it if I do). There are plenty of queer-ID'd trans people who already know about what this vlogger is discussing all too well.

I kind of understand what you mean. I am not someone who identifies as gender queer (I think I'm too old). but I am someone who is constantly called "sir" and asked if I'm in the right restroom.

I have long felt trans issues were my issues on many levels.

but what I appreciated about this video was the author's honesty. and calling it out for what it is in our community. We love our little acronym but rarely live by it.

See, Sara, here's one of the issues I as a trans woman have with non-trans gay/queer people. Here I mention cissexual and you don't even bother looking it up (and I'm a number of years older than you). Too many in the cissexual gay male and lesbian communities don't lift a finger to find out about trans issues and to even suggest they should is seen as being uppity. And then there are others like Steven who literally, dismiss every statement they've ever heard come from the trans community or have to qualify it with their own narrow knowledge of the trans world.

Anyway, thank you for linking to this video... it's a message we all need to hear even Steven (and there are many trans people who need to hear it about other queer people as well).

"and there are many trans people who need to hear it about other queer people as well"

Absolutely! Homophobia in the trans community is definitely a serious problem.

Yes, I am bi and genderqueer/non-binary trans. (It's complicated. I would like some medical transition, but am not sure I will ever identify as binary, but can't get any due to the fact that I may never consider myself binary and that my other disabilities mean my gender is usually written off).

And of course, bis are supposed to realize things are directed towards them when they are not mentioned or discussed. I did love the video, but let's not pretend things are bi inclusive when they aren't.

I sympathize, but the generalizing is way over the top and I found it insulting. I have lots of gay men and lesbian friends who are not transphobic and who in fact approach trans issues very thoughtfully and sensitively. I wonder how productive it is to scold all of us. This guy just comes off whiny and immature. If he's trying to be persuasive, it's not working. Nobody wants to listen to that.

Renee Thomas | December 9, 2010 7:51 PM


You sympathize?

Oh that's nice . . .

Well then if you're already enlightened I can't imagine why you should be insulted at all. On the other hand, from the point of view of many transfolk, there are not a few cisgender gay men and lesbians who are in sore need of being pulled up short.

Perhaps then, it’s on their behalf you are offended?

Steven it's a community problem. So the community can be criticised. Sure there's good individuals but they can often be validly criticised for failing to speak up against others in the community who are transphobic, the organisations in the community who gave transphobic policies etc.

There are as many Transgender people in the population as there are Gays and Lesbians. Seriously. Transsexuals may only be 1 in 500 to self-identified Gays and Lesbians 2.7% but decent Transgender numbers start at 3% and go as high as 10%-20% which incidentally is the number of same-sex attracted people. Also Intersex is 4% of the population so they too outnumber the G and L part of the acronym.

The community as it portrays itself in it's representations of itself are GLBTI. Gays first, the Lesbians, then Bis then sometimes Trans and on rare occassions Intersex get a single crumb. When the reality of our demographics going by our best current figures are Bi, then Trans, the Intersex, then Lesbian and Gay. And only when thats what we see on websites, magazines, tv, organisations boards, at clubs, at cafe tables, at backyard parties and every level of our community will we know that we have undone the prejudice in our community. Till that day it is ok and right to criticise the entire community for harboring or failing to fix this prejudice.

What have you personally done to stop the Intersexphobia and Transphobia in the community Steven? Here's a simple question.

Did you donate as much money, time and/or effort to stop the surgical mutilation of visibly Intersex babies that so often is disasterous (1 in 3 times they do the wrong surgery) and irreparable as you did on Marriage or DADT?

Good lord, this is not about me!

I am very aware that there is transphobia among gay men and lesbians. I am criticizing the tone and the rhetoric of this video because I assume he made it in order to educate those people in our community who are ignorant and hateful towards trans people. I'm questioning the effectiveness of the video from that standpoint.

I could be wrong. Maybe his target audience for the video is all the persecuted trans people who want to shake their fists and say "Yeah, preach it!" and feel the flush of righteous anger. If that's the case, then it's right on. Can you (and Renee and Wendy and ginasf) TRY, when you respond, just TRY not to say anything about me. I dare you. I know you don't believe me, but I am not Big White Gay Bogeyman.

Steve said:

"I know you don't believe me, but I am not Big White Gay Bogeyman."

Then why the hell do I keep finding you under my bed?


Thanks for making me laugh, Carol. :) It's a nice reminder that we really are all in this together.

Though I know it's a contentious and problematic relationship at times, I am so strongly opposed to a separation of the T from the LGB. I believe that what we share and what overlaps in our experiences of our sexuality, our attraction, our bodies is great enough to look at these things as aspects of something larger that includes them both, includes them all.

My point of view sometimes gets misconstrued as "Steven thinks there's no difference between gay and trans people," or "Steven thinks he can speak for transgender people's experience." I suppose there's a world in which those statements are true in some incredibly simplistic sense, but it's a world where winning an argument is more important than finding meaning and truth.

I know from my own experiences, and from lots of intimate conversations with friends over many years, that what I consider to be my homosexual orientation is very tied up with distinctly transgender experiences and feelings, especially as a child. I believe that gay men and lesbians are gender outsiders as much as people who identify themselves as transsexual. The interrelatedness of these phenomena is more messy and interesting than many want to admit.

In my opinion, very good points all! I personally believe we are all in it together, at least those of us who see ourselves as gay in our authentic gender. I can see why trans ppl who are str8 in their authentic gender might not want to be a part of it all, but really, I do agree with 'the same ppl hate us all' and feel we have common cause either way.

Carol :)

I believe that the very initialism LGBT itself semantically serves to promote sexual intolerance and prejudice.

I cannot understand why in this day and age we still don't have the means of effectively expressing sexual diversity without resorting to a dehumanizing and polarizing hierarchical classification of sexual orientations. (And I won't even go into the alienation of gender-variant persons.)

The fact we as a community support such an archaic, stigmatizing ranking scheme -- as if psycho-analytic nomenclature isn't already sufficiently intrusive in many of our lives -- in our advocacy efforts lends further credence to those who wish to invalidate full sexual equality on the grounds that it is unnatural or unethical.



I don't think he was over the top on this. He's talking about his experience. The thing that grinds my teeth is that he has to make this commentary at all.

"Nobody wants to listen to that"... nobody?... so you're not only telling him his experience and how he's chosen to communicate it is invalid and whiney but now you're speaking for us? And you get to say who's transphobic and who isn't (oh, I forgot, in your mind there's no difference between trans people and gay people). Gee Steven, you've got it all worked out, haven't you.

You're nothing if not predictable. The only thing that's "all worked out" is your opinion of me, and we've heard it a hundred times, so save it, okay? (Maybe next time you could just link to any number of your previous responses to my posts and comments in which you say the exact same thing.)

If the purpose of this video was to let off steam, then great, it's a huge success. If it was to shed light on anything, then he might want to give some thought to his tone. Obviously, he's heard some pretty obnoxious comments about his transition from gay men and lesbians, and no doubt he has legitimate gripes. But addressing his harangue to all gay men and lesbians -- implying that gay men and lesbians are far more transphobic than any straight people? -- alienates people who are sympathetic. And I would guess the transphobic people he is trying to convince would listen to about 30 seconds of this and think "the trannies are always whining about something" and turn it off.

Sometimes one's interior monologue of indignation is best left interior.

Oh I see so the problem is that he isn't respectful enough when talking to/about his Gay & Lesbian betters? Thanks for clearing that up Steven.

Renee Thomas | December 9, 2010 7:04 PM

Word . . . major big time!

When you (our follow queers) insist on un-gendering or mis-gendering us one question never fails to come immediately to mind . . . just what the hell is wrong with you people??

Some of you butches (and you know just who you are) can put a hate on transfolk the wingnut, christo-fascist asshats can't even begin to approach.

Are you proud of that, pleased with yourselves for defending your little corner of the Outlands?

I mean really, what is YOUR problem?

Great video. This cissexual bisexual is entirely supportive of the message. Go Ts!

ok, now I know I'm old.

Cissexual? please explain. I am completely unfamiliar with this term.

Sara... there's this amazing website called wikipedia.


If you have read a single post or followed a single comment thread on Bilerico about trans issues, I am amazed you haven't run across this term before. I appreciate you standing up against transphobia, however, I wonder if you really know much about trans issues or are involved in trans causes at any level on a regular basis? It seems more likely that you just passed this along for someone?

'Cissexual' is generally used to mean ppl who feel that the sex/gender assigned to them at birth, and as which they were raised, fits who they are. A lot of these folks resent being called 'cis', though, for various reasons (again, the topic of endless comment threads here), and in many cases *is* flung at ppl in a confrontational manner. 'Cispriviledge' is a big issue among a lot of trans ppl. Because of all the baggage that tends to (IMHO) derail discussion, I personally use 'non-trans'. FWIW ~

As far as the vid goes, I have kinda mixed feelings about it that fall in the middle of most of the comments I have read so far. I am glad that speaker has not encountered problems with the various str8 communities, including religious fundamentalists, and I agree that lots of non-trans gay folks despise and resent trans ppl. I also felt that he was speaking to the non-trans ppl in the GLB communities who *are* transphobic, and not to each and every person in those communities.

On the other hand, while I certainly experience plenty of anti-trans sentiment in the GLB community, by far, the bigger issues I see are in those various str8 communities, for me and for a lot of other trans folks. It's great to work to reduce bias in any community, and there is plenty in the GLBT community (and not just against trans ppl), for sure! However, the vid seems more directed against certain ppl that the speaker has direct issues with rather than something that will help the GLBT community move ahead.

Please don't jump down my throat. I only asked because I didn't know.

this is part of the problem.

The term was coined in 2007- no, I hadn't heard it before. No, I don't read every trans related thread on bilerico. I have three kids, a job, a wife and spend a crazy amount of time volunteering for a LGBT organization. there are many, many times I don't even have time to write a blog.

I did pass it on- I didn't make the video, nor was I a part of making it. I thought it was powerful. does that make me a bad person?

I didn't go to wikipedia because I wanted to understand the context, what it meant in the movement and I couldn't get that from a simple definition.

I'm not THAT old.

I have never heard any of the transfolks I know use the term. I am always ready to learn and ask questions- but when someone jumps down my throat, I tend to shut down.

I'm not perfect. I don't know every term, nor acronym. I don't know every governor in every state. I don't know every senator.

god forbid anyone knows every US rep.

I have much to learn. I know that.

but as I said before, we need to be willing to sit down and share, talk, learn without fear.

it was an honest question. if it came off as disrespectful, I am deeply sorry. as a lesbian with kids, I get asked alllllll sorts of crazy questions about how they came about. some are downright insulting. But I always answer calmly, thoughtfully because I understand that the people asking are trying to understand. And their understanding will be transferred to someone else.


Sorry, I truly didn't mean to be 'jumping down your throat'. I do feel your heart was in the right place, and that most likely you personally support trans ppl, and would speak out against any transphobia you expereinced in rl.

I was trying to point out that generally it is good to understand situations before you adventure forth with some statement. If you are too busy to understand the issues between trans and non-trans ppl in the GLB community, I don't quite understand why would get involved, esp with this video, which makes a pretty strong statement?

*I* certainly don't mind explaining this stuff, though (as you saw) a lot of trans ppl take offense at ppl jumping into discussions about trans issues without spending time trying to understand the issues.

I think this happens in a lot of other areas, too--would you post something on the issues gay ppl in the military face without doing a little reading first, or talking to ppl with first-hand expereince? You seem to have some trans ppl in your circle, but have you really talked with them about the particular issues they face? If you just see them as plain-old men/women/whatever and the trans stuff doens't even enter your mind, to me, that's awesome! To me it means you truly accept them.

However, this level of interaction doesn't really help you understand trans issues. I know quite a few lesbian moms (both ones who carried the baby and ones whose partner did), but we don't really ever seem to get into those issues, are too busy talking about other things. So, I don't really feel qualified to speak out on whatever issues they have, including posting a rant from one them against the gay community.

Finally, I don't think I said you had to have read *every* post and thread on trans topics to post on trans topics! I certainly don't expect that. It just seems that you haven't really read *any*?

I apoligize again if I came across as attacking you. My goal really *was* to have discussion and learning, which you say you want. I am sorry if the way I expressed myself derailed any understanding that might have taken place.

Carol :)

Well, I've written a bunch about trans issues. No, I'm not trans. Yes, I've read other posts on bilerico. No, the term didn't stand out to me.

I've written about trans issues for a couple of reasons. One, is that I have spent my entire life being called a boy, sir, mister, because of my gender expression. I've been asked for ID in a ladies restroom, and I was given a performance evaluation at a job and told to "wear a dress once in a while." That my appearance wasn't feminine enough. I was stellar at my job but because I didn't dress right, I didn't get a raise.

When I was little, I wanted to be a boy. Mostly, I realized as I got older, it was because I wanted to be with girls and didn't understand that was an option.

As a young adult, I seriously considered whether or not I was the right gender. After a lot of soul searching and thought, I came to identify, happily, as a lesbian.

My son, who is now out as gay at 15, identified in many ways as a young child as female. I didn't know if he was trans or gay but I knew he was struggling with gender roles. I reached out to trans people I knew and asked for help, understanding and information so I could parent well.

I also serve on a board of a LGBT organization that is fighting for a trans civil rights bill. I have met with activists, talked strategy, media programs, lobbying techniques.

I listen. I try to learn as much as I can.

I have been harassed repeatedly in my life because of my gender expression. Am I trans? No. but I have written about trans issues because, as I said before, I identify with them. Do I understand them all? No.

But the better question to ask is, do I care?


I am now even more amazed you never heard this term! :)

Which is all I meant in my original comment, should have made that more clear! (The term 'cis' has a lot of baggage, and generally comes up in any thread about trans issues.) I actually laughed when I say your question, and kinda meant to be funny. As is constantly, painfully obvious, body language and vocal inflection don't pass very well into writing!

However, as you point out, not knowing ever single bit of jargon related to something doesn't mean you know nothing, or that you don't care.

Carol :)

Sara, I'm glad you care... really, I am. And I know you have a busy life and some recent losses of people you love. But, you know, I'm a single parent parent of a teen with someone in my family who's dying and trying to keep body and soul together... so you're not the only one. And I'm just fatigued at hearing non-trans gay and lesbian people, especially those involved with supposedly LGBT groups, not make a real effort to find out about trans issues. And when this goes on for years (decades) and trans people are less-than-thrilled about having to talk to the perpetually uninformed, they get accused of "jumping down gay people's throats." That's just as much what the transguy in the video is talking about as anything else... and you just perpetuated it.

Everyone needs respectful space in which to learn, but that doesn't mean getting a free pass from just being... lazy and, moreover, feeling entitled to ignorance. It's nice to say I care, but it doesn't mean a lot if there's no action behind it. As is usual from these exchanges, it makes me agree all the more with what the guy in the video is kvetching about.

I am neither lazy nor ignorant.

If I was looking for a free pass, I would have never posted the video. Not only did I, I've stayed on, answered comments.

I most certainly get annoyed when having to answer the question about where my kids came from, over and over. But I answer respectfully. Because they will become my ambassadors.

Even if I think they are stupid jerks. You may think I'm a stupid jerk. My wife often thinks so.

Maybe you don't want me as an ambassador. I am not trans although I live gender expression 24/7. Perhaps I have no business talking about what I see as a serious problem in our community.

If Newsweek, Time, the Wall Street Journal, NYTimes called and wanted an explanation of cissexual, would you say figure it out yourself?

Or would you jump at the chance to create understanding?

Okay, I'm not that big, nor that important by any means. I'm simply trying to do my part to create awareness.

And I have learned through this conversation. Some folks like it, some don't. Some want to extend a hand, some think I'm a privileged lesbian. Some gay people are offended, some trans people are offended.

Therein lies the beauty of the blog- any blog. A place for discussion.

Thank you.


Hopefully you have developed some emotional distance in during your time of writing blog posts. I don't think you could find a post anywhere about any issue that didn't have a wide range of viewpoints, and as Bil pointed out in a post a while back, mostly ppl are motivated to write a comment when they are displeased than when they agree. :)

This sort of thing always makes me think back to some student evaluations the Chair of the Chemistry department at uni was showing me. He had some sheets that complained how he went to fast, didn't explain things in enough detail, and such. Then an equal pile where they said he went to slow, was painful to sit through b/c he explained everything down to such a low level of understanding, and that sort of thing. These were all ppl sitting in the same class, having the same objective experience, which mixed with their background and personality changed to something completely different.

Thanks for taking the time to engage and follow up on the discussions, and for caring about poor relations that often exist between trans and nontrans ppl associated with the gay family.

Carol :)

"If Newsweek, Time, the Wall Street Journal, NYTimes called and wanted an explanation of cissexual, would you say figure it out yourself?"

At this point in time, I've given up on those publications. But let's use another example... if the Advocate, Curve or Out came to me and asked that very question, yes, I'd tell them if it's finally important enough for them to know what it meant, to take a minute and look it up themselves. Is that rude of me? I consider it calling them on their own personal responsibility. Maybe I'd tell them to read "Whipping Girl by Julia Serano. In fact, that's what I'll tell you to do. Read it and I'd love to hear your feelings about it.

And yes, I do appreciate the dialog and you hanging in there with it.

"Cissexual" and "cisgender" are words that are by no means accepted or used everywhere in the trans communities. It's rude and ill-informed to jump on a person for not knowing an obscure cyber-centric neologism...particularly when the segments of the trans communities which do use those words very often conflate them, or simply say "cis," which is incorrect. (Transsexuals can be cisgender; non transsexuals can be cissexual but not necessarily cisgender.)

The terms may well get adopted by the Australian Human Rights Comission considering the interest in my use of it at the roundtable meetings i attended. They might even possibly end up in legislation.

For brevity if someone is both Cissexual and Cisgender I shorten it to Cis, especially when Trans (also sometimes written as Trans*) is used as an umbrella term by many I know.

Of course then there's the other umbrella terms getting a lot of use lately in Australia: SGD Sex and Gender Diverse/diversity and ISGD Interesex Sex and Gender Diverse/diversity (the addition of the I came from complaints about SGD from members of OII who felt the erasure and invisibilisation of the term Intersex in most arenas required it's specific inclusion).

I believe that many lesbians are threatened by FTMs because of their own unresolved gender issues. If a fellow lesbian transitions, that's just one more domino closer to them. Others are in fear that they're becoming an endangered "species", left behind by their transitioning bretheren. Yet others are upset that FTMs are opting for heterosexual privelege over their sexual minority status (assuming that they won't change their sexual orientation after transition).

I have no idea why gay men would be upset by a lesbian transitioning. One would imagine that they would be happy to welcome someone new to the manhood fold.

My only speculation about why a gay man would be upset about an MTF transitioning is distress at the fate of her penis. But that's just a wild-ass guess.

I think there is a lot of truth to the unresolved gender issues for butch lesbians.

which reminds me of all the looks I got as a pregnant woman from other butch lesbians. it was as if I broke a rule.

but let us remember we are only a few short decades away from very firm butch/fem roles in gay relationships- especially for lesbians. we are evolving as a group in our norms and understanding.

time and discussion. open hearts. open minds. just like race, and class, we need to understand our gender bias, fears, stereotypes.

because if we don't have each other... geesh, who do we have?

The (I will say it) cisgender LGB Community doesn't want to see this stuff. "It doesn't happen, we are one happy family." I posted this to my "LGBTA" Facebook network yesterday. Yeah all saw it, the response coming from a trans guy friend and a straight allie female. Same as reports of violence and the murder of trans individuals. Not a peep. One local gay Facebook antagonist questioned Transgender Day of Remembrance as in "how come we (the gays) don't have one? (He was deleted).

Transphobia in the LGB Community? How about the famous (infamous) gay guy posing as a role model for youth who calls trans women "chicks wirh (you know)" on his advice column? How about the "Castrated Men" blog first seen on The Magazine Project? How about myself being purposely called "He" (and other Trans being mis-gendered) by a lesbian in an LGB_ Organization? The letter to their Board is very succinct what is going to happen if it isn't fixed fast.

Transphobia is alive and well in the LGB Community.

lourdes hunter | December 10, 2010 7:42 AM

I loved it... Its so realistic.. He is not whiny or dramatic... It was entertaining and informative.... It is sad that the same ignorance that is put on the Gays is transferred through The Gays to trans folk in the form of transphobia...
IS it possible to identify as trans and comfortable with the body you were born with... I am.... I love my body and a trans person getting a boob job is no different from anyone else getting a boob job...

The hatred of gay men and lesbians
of trans people is proof that we have nothing in common and are 2 different groups. Trans should dump all connections with L and G once and for all. Why complain about a group that you are forcing yourself to be a part of. Expel the G and L and liberate all T and queered people. The G and L will never get trans people so dump them and get free.

That is a ridiculous argument. A lot of transgender people are gay or lesbian so how does it help them to segregate themselves from the rest of the community?

But this sense of community is purely a social construct, and has no inherent connections beyond the conception (or perhaps misconception) of unity.

A lot of gay men are black, but not all black men are gay. Likewise a lot of transgender / altergender people are gay, but not all gay people are transgender / altergender. The fact there is commonality among traits doesn't necessitate that the two community's goals are somehow necessarily aligned or even cohesive.


If you think that the rights that we gained were gained in a trans vacuum with no help from our allies in the gay & lesbian communities, you are sadly mistaken. If you think we can fight for equality and liberation without their help, you are delusional.

The hawke I'm not sure if you are responding to me or to loogie here. If your response was directed at me then you've misunderstood me because what I said is in agreement with you. I am not someone who thinks the GLB and the T should seperate.

I am trans.

I am embarassed by that video.

It does not speak for me.

When I first transitioned it was the lesbian community that "took me in"......and I'm bisexual. I am part of the LGBt AS bisexual as I am a woman of trans/intersexed history, not trans identified.

That said, the point made on this video is spot on. Here on Bilerico my comments are attacked on a regular basis with even Bil piling on personally.

There are multiple levels of problems here. I have a right to be part of the LGBt community as a bisexual but that is treated almost as dismissively as my being a woman with a history. You want a community, there has to be mutual respect and there clearly isn't any. Not for bisexuals, not for gender queers, not for FtM transsexuals, not for transgender identified people and especially not for women of history who are completely binary identified and "cis" for all practical purposes.

"Here on Bilerico my comments are attacked on a regular basis with even Bil piling on personally."

Did you ever consider that maybe what you are saying is wrong rather than everyone disagreeing with you?

But I'm not wrong, you are.

And that's all the level of depth your comment deserves since it is basically a blanket cheap shot.

This is why HRC in 2007 used the T's as a bargaining chip in the ENDA debacle! I have had gays ask me "Why don't you make a decision as to whether you are gay or straight? No one can really like both!" Then, I have to explain That I have always been Bi and Transgendered! One does not have any thing to do with the other! What it really means is that I get to be rejected by Lesbians,Gays & Straights! LOL

I was one of those extremely trans-intolerant butch dykes before I woke up to the reality that I am, in fact, a transman. Transgender people - especially FTM's - pissed me off. The anger was intense.

Why? I'm still working out all the nuances of that puzzle. The one thing I do know is, my attitude was all about me and my own issues.

Somehow, whatever you do, somebody else in the LGBTQ community is going to decide you're not "doing gender right" and will feel you are somehow misrepresenting them. Maybe it is because we are all walking-wounded gender warriors in that we all have raw open wounds around the gender issue, and anybody we sense might make that pain even worse, or make navigation out in the world that much more perilous, is a threat. So rather than support each other's unique expression, we attack each other in an effort to enforce a kind of conformity that we feel will keep us all "safer."

The video is good in that it confronts an issue that needs to be addressed. I would not have been angry and reactionary had I known before what I understand now. So let's talk about it.

There's a whole subset of the lesbian community that's just completely batshit hate crazy about trans people. Its really demoralizing to see. I won't put any links to their sites, because I don't want to send traffic there, but damn...they really do hate us in a big way.

If they are the ones I know about, it's not 'trans ppl' they hate, but transwomen. And they are pretty mainstream, esp those associated with the Michigan's Womyn's Music Festival, appearing in Curve, on AfterEllen, and other lesbian media outlets.

They actually act indignant that anyone accuses them of transphobia, and they are pro-trans, and know lots of transgendered (sorry, I know everyone else hates that word, but it makes sense to me that way) ppl. What they are talking about of, course, are transmasculine women and trans men. Trans *women* are really men, according to them.

This is a whole 'nother issue, of course. Most sites that I know of which focused on lesbian/bi women embrace trans mens, centering news and features around them, while excluding trans women. It used to bother me, but now I just kind of accept that this is the way it is.

This is nothing new. All trans people I knew report that cis people mostly accepted them transitioning, and that they got the most shit from LG and other "progressives". It was even worse in the past.

I have to say that as a transguy, I'm mighty sick of the homophobia in the trans community. Bring it around me and I will check you for it. We have a responsibility to police our community for it, just as much as the cisgender (I hate the term cis but it is useful) LGB community has for policing transphobia.

Someone else mentioned homophobia in the trans community above, and I have heard it mentioned in passing a few times in the past, but never expanded on. I am trans, but for me 'being trans' isn't part of my conscious identity, just something bad that happened to me that I have corrected as much as possible, so I don't really hang out with or keep up with 'the trans community' and therefore am pretty ignorant about this issue.

I Googled 'homophobia trans community', but all I got was things that talked about transphobia and homophobia as having something in common (I had to laugh, given the perspective I was looking for, lol). So I am going to ask you for some education on this. (I did go look at your website in case you discussed it there, but didn't really see anything along these lines.)

The only thing I am familiar with is the situation of ppl who are str8 when considered as the gender they see themselves as, such as trans women who are attracted to men. I know several of them who are homophobic, esp in regard to gay men. I have not really ever met any trans men who are homophobic. Can you explain what you have encounted a bit more?

Thanks! :)

That was a well written and highly informative appeal. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Dawson | December 10, 2010 11:05 PM

As a MTF transgendered person who is also a therapist working with the LGBT population for the last 15 years, my opinion is that "T" should be left out of "LGBT" because so many of the issues are just not the same. If a transgendered individual then identifies as gay, lesbian or bi, then he or she should then become involved with an "LGB" movement. I have NOTHING against lesbians, gays and bisexuals. It just so happens that there are issues that are specific to transgendered people that other folks, including heterosexual people, just don't understand. Lumping us in with other people whose issues are not the same makes no sense.

Every single GLB issue is also a T and I issue.

That science suggests that T and GLB may all be varient forms of I makes it all the plainer.

The issues faced by Intersex Infants are the same rights faced by Transkids (permanant changes delayed by action or inaction untill the child is old enough to give their own informed uncoerced consent, the right to making their own mind up about surgery is the same right to access hormone blockers to delay puberty) and spill over into L with the 'anti-lesbian-baby-drug' controversy and we can be sure more will follow making the rights of Intersex people a glue that binds the issues of TBLG all together. They are the same human rights issues.