January 2, 2011


Comment of the Week: Desiree Renee Arceneaux

Filed by Bil Browning | January 02, 2011 | 6:00 PM | comments

This week's comment was left on guest blogger Zack Rosen's post "If Frank Kameny Was a Pop Star." While Rosen highlights Kameny's positive additions to the gay rights movement, Arceneaux argues that Kameny's assimilationist tactics ended up costing the LGBT...Read More

Test your LGBTQ news knowledge: A 2010 quiz

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 02, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

After Bil and I put together our list of the top LGBTQ news stories of 2010, I thought it'd be a good idea to go back and remember of the less-noticed stories as well as some of the details of...Read More

Happy New Year, 2011

Filed by Sara Whitman | January 02, 2011 | 2:00 PM | comments

A couple of thoughts as I go into the new year... The second to last conversation I had with my sister, she said to me, live like tomorrow isn't coming. You never know. It's true, and for her, very true....Read More

I love your smile

Filed by Michele O'Mara | January 02, 2011 | 12:00 PM | comments

New Year's Day feels like the untied bow on a brand new, beautifully wrapped gift. Unlike gifts under our tree during the holiday season, this New Year gift will be unwrapped, one day at a time for the next 365...Read More

Jon Huntsman: The Manchurian Candidate?

Filed by Michael Hamar | January 02, 2011 | 10:00 AM | comments

Just shy of two years ago I wrote here and here about former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and his likely calculated decision to change his stance on opposition to gay rights and to oppose some of the most vocal social...Read More


Anti-gay Flicks: Entertaining the troops

Filed by Bil Browning | January 02, 2011 | 7:30 AM | comments

"The videos created onboard USS Enterprise in 2006-2007 were not created with the intent to offend anyone. The videos were intended to be humorous skits focusing the crew's attention on specific issues such as port visits, traffic safety, water conservation,...Read More

FOX News makes fun of Peter LaBarbera

Filed by Bil Browning | January 02, 2011 | 7:00 AM | comments

Even FOX News is starting to make fun of Peter LaBarbera, the head of "Americans for Truth About Homosexuality" (the meetings are shirtless!). Commonly known as Porno Pete in the LGBT blogosphere, he loves to attend leather conferences and...Read More