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Dance to This: "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner

Filed By Prince Gomolvilas | January 15, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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Speaking of Mike Posner, the music video for "Cooler Than Me" features eyeglasses as metaphors for drug-induced trips. But, if I'm reading too much into things, then eyeglasses are just eyeglasses. Which is kind of boring. Especially since I wear glasses and I like to think that they skew my perception of the world. (I mean, isn't it empowering to go around thinking, "I am so better than you"?)

Anyway, "Cooler Than Me" is the first single from Posner's 2010 full-length debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, a compulsively listenable dance track that I never want to dance to in public because my superior attitude would be crushed in an instant, under the weight of my two left feet.

Anyway, listen:

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Not sure, Prince G, that in the video "Cooler Than Me" the eyeglasses are simply a metaphor for a drug trip.

Notice that (a) one set of glasses splits the image into red and blue versions, apparently a set of 3-D glasses in reverse, (b) another set of eyeglasses goes back in time to the 50's or early 60's, (c) another set is just the type of X-ray glasses that every straight boy fantasizes about -- the girls are bouncing on the bed fully clothed, but with the glasses he can see them bouncing in their underwear.

I think it's just a take-off on everything that magic eyeglasses in legend and myth might do -- starting with the notion that sunglasses, especially a very expensive pair of sunglasses, make you cooler than most of the people around you.

Did you blog about this on your home site? I own the song & can't imagine how I have it already unless you've already pointed me to it somehow. :) (You know how often I buy the songs you profile!)