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Gates outlines DADT implementation

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Secretary Gates outlines the three-step process to DADT repeal.

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Before I get to the specifics of Gates' nonsense about what has to happen before the scary, dangerous gays can ACTUALLY be let out of their military closets without turning the two million or so other troops into quivering piles of pee-soaked camo underwear, let's review this man's history of credibility, emphasis mine.

“As a manager of intelligence analysis [at the CIA during the Reagan Reich]...Gates, according to former intelligence officers, DEMANDED THAT HIS STAFF COMPLY AND ENCOURAGED REPORTING THAT SOME INSISTED WAS BLATANTLY SLANTED....” – “Safe for Democracy: The Secret Wars of the CIA,” John Prados.

"Harold P. Ford, an honored veteran of the C.I.A. and a reluctant witness, said he felt obligated to testify that Mr. Gates had ‘SKEWED INTELLIGENCE’." – “The New York Times,” October 04, 1991, during hearings on whether to confirm Gates as Director of the CIA. The Senate chose to ignore such claims even though, his first nomination, in 1987, was withdrawn after “evasive answers about his role in the Iran-contra affair.”

But the charges continued after he became CIA Director, and was immediately up to his old tricks: “[Mr. Gates’] WITHHOLDING information or DISTORTING it is not legitimate advocacy.” – “The New York Times,” April 02, 1992.

And now he's continuing, as he has for the last two years including forcing [with, per Nancy Pelosi, Obama's backing] forcing our allies in Congress in May to gut the five-year old REAL repeal bill, to apply those CIA-trained skills of insisting that "snow falls up, Charlie Brown" to the ban without anyone challenging him [certainly not Gay, Inc., and, no, I DON'T just mean HRC].

1. "finalize changes in regulations, policies, get clearer definition on benefits"

Why "changes" plural? It may be referenced in an unknown number of documents but only ONE thing needs to change initially: homosexuality/homosexual acts are no longer a grounds for discharge [Article 125, the "sodomy statute" is already virtually never charged except to amplify other legitimate charges such as sex with a subordinate, on base, etc.]. And there is NO reason to wait to implement that until after "benefits" are figured out.

In fact, the basic plan ALREADY EXISTS according to yesterday’s “Washington Blade,” emphasis mine:

"Aaron Belkin, director of the Palm Center, said implementation of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal shouldn’t be a long process because the Pentagon ALREADY ESTABLISHED A POLICY TO ALLOW GAYS TO SERVE OPENLY in the military when a California federal court in October issued an injunction that temporarily enjoined enforcement of the law.

“Although they haven’t acknowledged this in public, THE REPLACEMENT REGULATIONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN, and so the Pentagon could easily repeal the ban TODAY if there was the political will,” Belkin said.

...Belkin said he suspects opposition to repeal from some military service chiefs — Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz — could slow the process for certification. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead has said he supports repeal.

“Casey in particular is leaving soon and doesn’t want to be known as the Army chief of staff who let gays in on his watch,” Belkin said. “The foot-dragging is NOT about some sincere or legitimate sense that the troops need to be trained on how to deal with gays; it’s because they don’t want to be around when the policy happens.” END QUOTE.

When Clinton ordered "Don't Ask" in January 1993, recruiters didn't stop enlisting people simply because their forms included a question about homosexuality. They simply took pencils/pens and marked out that question.

In March of last year, when Gates himself announced the so-called "humane" changes to DADT implementation, including banning the use of information shared with a chaplain being used to discharge someone gay, he said they took effect IMMEDIATELY, and gave personnel only 30 DAYS to update their paperwork.

2. "prepared the training materials" about WHAT? As DADT expert Nathaniel Frank has said, "This is not rocket science."

AND because the Pentagon's own Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute has been training managers of DOD gay CIVILIAN employees protected against discrimination FOR YEARS, such materials ALREADY exist.

3. "train the troops"??? Again, about WHAT. How to spot a homosexual? "Gaydar 101"? They ALREADY are taught that harassment of anyone perceived to be gay is a No-No. All that needs to be done is say, "Yes, NOW we actually mean it and you will be punished for any crap."

Per the Palm Center's most recent report:

“Any claim that [implementation cannot happen] until after the completion of exhaustive training is inconsistent with DoD history and not based on military necessity. Whatever preparations are ultimately deemed necessary, the Pentagon ought to be able to pull them off faster than it did the implementation of DADT in 1994, which took approximately 40 days. Case studies demonstrate that training can take place quickly, even in combat zones, and that policies are generally implemented BEFORE OR CONCURRENT WITH training. The Pentagon’s request for up to a year to train the troops prior to the repeal of DADT is unprecedented. Training is not a claim otherwise is a vote of no confidence in members of the armed forces, is not supported empirically, and is suspiciously dilatory. Training, like the formal publication of instructions, can occur (and has occurred) ex post facto.”

Despite the results of his own study showing that the majority of troops wouldn't be bothered by open service PERIOD [NOT only AFTER "training"] Gates is still inexplicably acting as if the sky would fall, that gays are some kind of eight-eyed alien that the delicate forces need prepared for.

The man’s a homophobic fraud who only finally changed his game plan of sitting silently by while the clock ran out on the legislation he’d forced into the Lame Duck session after leaks [that the Pentagon tried to track down and punish] proved his “poison pill”—the so-called “study”—had backfired on him AND he suddenly feared that the courts would override him and force an immediate, unequivocal end to the ban [the Obama DOJ is STILL trying to kill that court order. WHY?].