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Gay Cat Marriage in Manhattan

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I'm a dog person, not a cat person. And one thing we dog people can hold over cat people is that we generally don't get weird and assign personalities and backstories and emotional narratives to the animals we love (and when we do it's appropriate).

bruno-solomon.jpgBut maybe we just don't know how to love an animal, us dog people, because I suppose planning a gay cat wedding can be more fun than, say, going for a walk in the freezing cold. Here are some crazy cat people in Manhattan:

Bruno and Solomon (pictured) are two of the center's long-term residents. They moved into the same little apartment at Ollie's Place several years ago after a rough period of homelessness. They originally met on Coney Island.

"Bruno, a shy and timid gray and white tabby, bonded with Solomon, a ginger and white alpha male who has acted as Bruno's protector and confident," writes volunteer Kat Herskovits. "Solomon would have been adopted years ago as his outgoing and affectionate ways charm everyone he meets. But Solomon and Bruno's mutual caring and affection has made it difficult, if not impossible, for them to be separated."

It's good that no one's trying to separate them. But here's where the weirdness sets in:

"Bruno and Solomon showed up at about the same time," Herskovits said. "Bruno was shy, quiet, and afraid. Solomon was outgoing, and he started protecting Bruno. They instantly bonded in a way that was unusual. It is a beautiful thing to see."

"Everyone was worried that Solomon would be adopted first," Herskovits continued. And everyone knew that these two cats must be placed together.

That's when the staff and volunteers of Ollie's Place decided to make Bruno & Solomon's relationship permanent. So, on January 20, 2011, Bruno and Solomon "will be joined forever in a feline marriage ceremony." The ceremony will be private. However, this happy event is meant to be shared.

Since we dog people are known to be more vulgar than cat people, I have to ask: do they know that this relationship is sexual? Did they just not mention it in the blog post because the kids might be reading it?

Or, perhaps, were Solomon and Bruno waiting until marriage? For all we know, Solomon might have been pushing and pushing but Bruno is cat-tholic. Good thing the wedding was last night.

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"I'm a dog person, not a cat person."

*hisses at you*

Wow, and I have always had so much respect and admiration for you 'til this point!

Not that I have anything against dog ppl (I have an old though still over-excitable Golden myself), but to NOT. BE. A. CATPERSON?????

The humanity!!!!!


I knew shit would hit the fan if I stepped into the most contentious debate in history: "Which are better, cats or dogs?" But I'm a blogger, and that's our job!

"I'm a dog person, not a cat person."

A certain someone just read that (okay, had that read out). Speechless.

The two of you will have to have that conversation amongst yourselves, just saying.

What was that about getting weird and assigning "personalities and backstories and emotional narratives to the animals we love?"

Hm. Something tells me your cat won't be having a wedding any time soon. Didn't he give a lecture recently on Kittehs Against Equality.

AND will be speaking at Oxford very soon: they love learned cats (I think it's a whole Lewis Carrol thing)!

Kittehs Rule!

And I defy you to find dogs as smart as this (except my dearly beloved and departed one):

Kitteh has R heartz 4 ever.

friday jones | January 20, 2011 8:55 PM

I read your article to Mister Fluffikins and he purred, and then he lifted his left leg up really high and started licking his own rectum. I believe that's what the online journalists call a "mixed review."

Dang nabbit. What those of us who are both cat and dog people! I mean, seriously -- just erase us, why don't ya!

Actually, I think it's adorable the two fellas are gettin hitched, although I seriously have to question the assignation of such when we haven't heard from them.

I mean, what if one of them is bisexual -- or both. These things matter, ya know.

I've asked Pixie her thoughts on the subject, and she wondered aloud why in all of creation I would really give a damn about two cats.

I pointed out to her that prior to her, my life was shared with a couple of committed lesbians of the feline variety.

She snorted and muttered something about being glad that was just a phase. You know how poodles are, always so convinced of their own superiority...

I am a cat person, and I find this...weird. I mean yes, of course keep them together! They seem to be better-behaved together. But "marry" them? Really? Okay, some people need to get out more.

Says the budding crazy cat lady :P

Sandra Louise Sandra Louise | January 21, 2011 8:20 AM

I've had quite a few cats in my life over the years, and a number of them were same sex.

Interestingly it seems that the same sex pairings are much more bonded. Opposite sex bonding doesn't appear as strong.

The same sex couples would sleep together, play together, and generally stay together in the same area.

Yeah there was (very noisy) sex, but that was not the totality of the relationship.

And when one of the two would pass, the other would go into a period of mourning, going from room to room, restlessly, apparently looking for his/her mate.

I try not to anthropomorphize too much, but the intension seemed clear enough.

And, Alex, I won't hold it against you that are a dog person. Besides, I really like your blog entries.


I wonder what kind of cake they had? Mouse w/ salmon icing?

Bruno is CATholic, not just catholic

We love dogs and cats! Does that make us Bi animal persons? We now just have two male cats that own and love us, plus a grand cat that visits often and loves to hug and kiss us.

Just wondering who will perform the Wedding or Civil Union? Does the Officiant speak fluent cat? Can they translate into dog so some of the wedding party can understand? What flowers will they carry? Tuxes or? Reception? So many questions! My brain is now hurting! Thank goodness WE do not have to plan this wedding! Hope our cats do not get wind of this!

I just don't believe bi animal persons exist. While I have met people who have said they were before, I discounted their experiences in favor of my narrow worldview, since that seemed expedient at the time.


love this thread! :)