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Gay Man and Straight Woman Marry for Art

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A gay man and a woman are marrying for a university art project and say that they plan to stay married their entire lives. You'd think that a gay person marrying someone of the opposite gay-straight-wedding.jpgsex and promising to stay in that union for life would make Christian conservatives happy, but no:

He said: 'They are denigrating the institution of marriage itself.

'Marriage is not an art project, it is the life-long union of man and woman and part of that is the sexual act which is there for companionship and the raising of children.

'At the ages of 20 and 21 you think you are invincible and think you can do anything but marriage is not just between the couple concerned, it is between them and the wider community.

'If their parents have gone along with this charade they are equally as guilty of denigrating the whole institution of marriage and bringing the University of Worcester into disrepute.

'If I was marking them I'd give them no marks - what has being married got to do with art?

'Marriage is under attack from homosexual and civil partnerships which are an attempt to downgrade it.

'It appears to be no co-incidence that the "husband" is a gay man.'

They go and do what they say everyone should do - marry someone of the opposite sex for any reason at all because happiness is less important than going through the correct motions - and they're still mad because the couple in question isn't thinking the right things while doing it. They don't want acquiescence; they want annihilation of competing ideas.

Just goes to show that Christian conservative involvement in social policy is more about power than it is about actual results.

I, on the other hand, will admit that I don't have a background in the fine arts and I won't presume to know how to grade a project like this (although I do love their clothes, which they made themselves). Here's a professor:

Dr James Fisher, head of fine art at the university, said: "Nora and Paul are very serious students.

"They live together and work very closely together and are both very committed artists."

Dr Fisher said the pair's work would be marked following a strict set of criteria.

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Puh-leaze. Gay men and straight women have been making this kind of "art" for years. The idea that publicized marriage is anything other than a show is ridic. Everyone knows it never had any sanctity and has often been done with the wrong intentions in mind. This "art" raises no awareness other than the fact that this has been done over and over again. Hardly a protest and seemingly meaningless.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the art involved in this project probably wasn't fully explained in the linked articles nor did the journalists even try to explain it. Plus I doubt that the point was to "raise awareness" or "protest."

They are doing what enlighenment artists should do: creating new combinations and pertubations of cultural icons and institutions, thus making us preceive our cultural assumptions and preconceptions in new, unpredictable ways.

Conservatives are not about that. They desire art that reinforces and reaffirms established cultural icons and values. Their definition of a great artist is Norman Rockwell.

Interesting. This reminds me of a couple of genderqueer folks I knew who got married (neither identified as male or female, but their legal genders were opposite). They actually did have a romantic/sexual relationship, but once the government got involved, due to immigration stuff, all they could see is "gay man" and "lesbian" and presumed that the marriage was a fraud.

After all the conservatives mentioning that gay and lesbian people can marry -- just someone of the opposite sex -- it's clear that there's significant opposition to that as well.


Wonder if they will be sculpting or painting? Maybe they will just take pictures and have one of them develop it? As The Three Stooges said" Who's on First!"