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Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine Gets Naked

Filed By Bil Browning | January 06, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine gets naked for the February issue of Cosmo UK. Naked-Adam-Levine-1a.jpgThe sexy tattooed singer strips down "to encourage men to check for signs and symptoms of prostate and testicular cancer."

I've always had a thing for guys with lots of tattoos and Levine's are particularly fetching. He might be dating Victoria's Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, but I'm perfectly willing to share.

And I'd be perfectly happy to help him do his examinations too. Thoroughly.

Two photos from the spread are after the jump. The images are not safe for work.



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Man, that eagle on his ribs is going to look TERRIBLE when he gets old and gets a beer belly/starts to look like a melted candle with his shirt off despite his best efforts, thanks to the insidious slow death age and gravity inflicts on our connective tissues.

That's literally the only thing I can think when I see someone with a torso tattoo.

I wonder what it is that makes people say such ugly things about people with tattoos. The only explanation I can come up with is that it must be a combination of run-of-the-mill vestigial Puritanism (anything that draws attention to the body must be bad) and fear of aging ("my belly might get saggy when I'm old, but it won't look nearly as bad as Adam Levine's").

Tattoos change just like and along with the rest of our flesh, and that is one of the things I most enjoy about them.

As a person with tattoos, I find the implication in your post that I must not have tattoos because I think torso tattoos wouldn't age well a little insulting.

You'll notice I didn't say anything about his other tattoos; just that the torso tat is going to get stretched out and weird looking. I didn't say anything "ugly" about him because he has a torso tattoo or because he has tattoos in general.

I design most of my tattoos, and part of what gives the tattoo meaning to me is the symbolism in the image. If the image gets stretched out and unrecognizable, that takes away some of the point in getting it, for me. That's why I tend to get tattoos in places that will retain some skin elasticity when I'm old and wrinkly with saggy boobs (which is also why I won't get any chest tattoos).

I don't think that's what Steven was saying at all. It's not that you specifically said the word "ugly", but it was a judgment call. And making judgments about tattoo placement is just like making judgments about the tattoo itself. It's a bit, "if you don't have anything nice to say..." If you wouldn't walk up to somebody and say, "why did you get that design?!" then you shouldn't make judgments on where the tattoo is either. (And, just to allay any further butthurt: yes, I have tattoos. And I can't wait until they get saggy!)

I can agree that it was a judgment call in that I judge torso tattoos to be more susceptible to aging and less desirable on my body (and anyone else's body who didn't consider the aging process when they got it), though I think the comment about body placement of tattoos is appropriate in a thread that's entirely about Adam Levine's naked body.

And I love walking up to people and asking them why they got the tattoos they did, because, as I said before, for me, a tattoo's image has symbolism, so I'm curious as to why they got whatever they got. If I were talking to Adam Levine right now, I'd ask him why he decided to get the rib/stomach tattoo knowing it would stretch and sag with age (especially if it turns out there's some sort of significance to the placement).

Of course, considering this IS a thread all about Adam Levine's naked body, I think we're missing the real point: he really needs to get his prostate checked, since he appears to have arms growing out of his butt.

Who care what his tats are gonnna look like when he is older. Right now he is young, hot and handsome, and I love his body and tats!

antonio caetano | January 7, 2011 2:44 PM

I don't like tattoos but these I like. And i don't give a damn what they MAY look like sometime in the future, they and he look spectacular now.And though i would like to see more, the photos are wonderful and tasteful
I give it ten out of ten.

Erm... Who cares about the tattoos number 1 there hot and number 2 he's naked!!! The most important thing to remember here people that this is a beautiful make specimen and all the tattoo hatres/ageists neeed to get a grip. Gorgeous pictures. Jealous of those female hands :-)

H Nicholson | April 30, 2011 5:03 PM

Sexiest. Man. Alive.

That is all.