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Supreme Court Refuses Ladies' Night Suit

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 16, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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I posted about Roy Den Hollander a while back, the man who sued and lost arguing that ladies' night is unconstitutional discrimination against menafiche_Ladies-Night.jpg. The Supreme Court won't be hearing his case. One has to wonder if he's, um, serious. This has to be an elaborate piece of performance art that will later be a movie along the lines of Borat, right?

"Of course, the three females on the court probably voted against it," Mr. Den Hollander said on Thursday. "Fighting for the rights of men is not very popular thing to do in America these days.

Mr. Hollander said that the basis of his case is that feminism is a religion.[...]

"When I go to a club and I'm looking at some young babe, I do not have malice in my heart," he said. "When some great looking 20-year-old babe is walking down the street, it is not malice in my heart that I'm feeling."

Mr. Den Hollander refused to reveal his age because it might hurt his chances picking up younger women at bars. He said he looks younger than his true age and that "I want to continue to exploit the infinite capacity of females to delude themselves."

I'm guessing he's 55-ish from the photo that appeared in the Times. He also complains that young women won't buy him drinks in bars. I can't imagine a single reason why they wouldn't.

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Yeah, Ruth, Sonia, and Elena are real bar rats, always hanging around looking for reduced-priced drinks, or better yet, some poor schlubb who'll buy them free drinks in the hope they'll get lucky. That's why they didn't take the case. He's on to them.


Borat? Sounds more like Steve Carrell!

He used "babe" twice to ID women in the quote.
I don't think it's "Ladies Night" that is cock blocking him.

Feminism?? Absolutely.
What a bitchy and "prickish" cult.

Here he is:
I can't imagine why "some young babe" wouldn't buy him a drink.

Tony Soprano | January 18, 2011 1:27 AM

So, 'ladies' night' is NOT unconstitutional discrimination against men, eh?

Hmm, didn't a Bilerico guest colunmnist just last week assert the idea of "male privilege"?

Men come through a vag*na once, and some try like heck their whole life to get back into one. Saying "open sesame" doesn't work. No "male privilege" there.

A friend applied to Rutgers Med School. He was qualified - except the wrong gender/sex, and was told as much, word-for-word by their admissions office. Being a STATE ('gubmint') school, they were not only permitted to discriminate, but required to. No "male privilege" here, either.

Dieks wrote: "Feminism?? Absolutely."

The concept of "male privilege" is B.S.

Since you're asserting that Rutgers not only violates federal law, but also sends letters to people saying that they do, perhaps you could scan a copy of that letter so people could see it?

Tony Soprano | January 18, 2011 8:49 PM

I'll ask him what records he still has.