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Tea Party Protests Abortion, LGBT Rights

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 18, 2011 8:30 AM | comments

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Now everyone keeps on telling me that the Tea Party is something other than the Republican base re-branded, that they're reasonable, independent Real Americans who just want both the Democrats and Republicans to quit the bickering and cut spending, deny people health care, and give special interests a black eye. So clearly this didn't happen:

tea-party.jpgCOUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- About 35 people gathered for a Tea Party rally in Council Bluffs calling for a ban on gay marriage and stricter abortion laws in Iowa.

Republican legislator Kim Pearson, of Pleasant Hill, was among the speakers at Saturday afternoon's gathering at the Mid-America Center. The Daily Nonpareil reports that Pearson said a ban would be quicker to pass than a constitutional amendment.

Sure, it won't be the biggest rally this year, but it was in the middle of the winter in Iowa. The fact that they got 35 people to go in the negative-teens with snow in a town of 58,000 on the far-side of Iowa is a feat in and of itself.

There actually is something called ideology and there are real reasons opinions on seemingly disparate issues tend to go together when people get involved in politics. The fact that some Republicans gave themselves a new name after everyone hated Bush, rejected the GOP in Congress, and voted against McCain in a landslide shouldn't be surprising. What should be surprising is that anyone buys their silly scheme at all.

img flickr, not from this rally

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They seem to agree with Dr. Joseph Goebbels’ adage that “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Which leaves one to wonder… just what else the Tea Party agrees with Herr Doctor on?

wow, and I thought Republicans invented that saying...

Yeah- I love it how they always claim they're just about "big government" and taxes and yet they have no problem with us being taxed unequally plus they want to use the government as a weapon against us by creating extra laws.

Just as with any other political or cultural entity, there are some surprising and interesting strands of diversity running through some parts of the Tea Party and their support base. Next week on my show (the 27th) I'll introduce you to one of them.

There's no doubt there are tea partiers of all races, sexualities, religions, etc. The fact that there are any with an income under $100K shows that a rube is born every day.

Rick Sutton | January 18, 2011 1:26 PM

No thanks, Rebecca.

Diverse? In what parallel universe?

They're overwhelmingly older, whiter and angrier than America as a whole.

The angry thing scares me the most. Too many don't understand government, but they detest it.

Why am I not surprised? For all the talk of the "tea party" being "different", they're dipping into the same pool of anti-equality extreme righties that the GOP has taken advantage of since the anti-civil-rights Dixiecrat backlash of the 1960s.

As a group, I'd say they are not diverse at all. They're older, whiter, hate-based while claiming christianity (which they do not really seem to understand well at all--like so many people who do not read or think), and the only civil rights they support are their own aggressive ones. They tote guns, drive trucks and kill animals. They hate what the do not understand or is different from them; they are provincial; they do not engage in political discourse. I'd say the ones I've met (and see on TV) are cut from the same fabric (and possibly share the same DNA--which they probably do not understand or believe in). As with all fear- and hated-based anti-intellectuals, I think they represent a huge threat to civilized society.