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The Hottest Brazilian of 2010 (Because You Asked)

Filed By Prince Gomolvilas | January 10, 2011 9:30 AM | comments

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I have no affiliation with Brazil except for these three facts:

  1. The brutally entertaining Rio de Janeiro crime movie, City of God, made me feel like I was trapped in a cocaine-induced nightmare.
  2. I have joked repeatedly in that past that I will someday write a play titled Brazilian Soccer Team Locker Room because the auditions for that show would be the BEST AUDITIONS EVER.
  3. I keep trying to devise ways of getting my hot Brazilian house painter to take off his shirt.

Perhaps it's the latter two items that prompted a friend of mine (thanks, Rob F.! - perv!) to send me a link to the Made in Brazil blog, which recently announced - with a certain amount of conviction, I might add - The Hottest Brazilian of 2010. His name is Mateus Verdelho. And goddamn - look at that picture - I ain't gonna argue!

More revealing pictures and a video can be viewed here.

But the site also boasts user-submitted shirtless photos. Clearly I have under-appreciated Brazil and Brazilians all these years.

No, I didn't want to write this post because my journalistic credibility decreases dramatically every time I do one of these. Yes, I did it for you. Yes, you. You're welcome.

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Save up your pennies, Prince G -- prostitution is legal in Brazil.

...As if illegality would've stopped me....

I feel like I should issue you a challenge to go find someone hotter - just because I know you'd enjoy the task. :)