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The Rebecca Juro Show Returns Thursday, January 13th at 7pm Eastern with Guest Autumn Sandeen

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UPDATE: Becky's producer, Michael Ferguson, tells us in the comment section that the show has been canceled tonight due to a serious case of the stomach flu. See the thread for details. -Bil

Yes, at long last it's the return of The Rebecca Juro Show!

We'll be coming to you every Thursday with two hours of news, issues, politics, interviews, rants, and of course, your phone calls!

This week, our guest is Pam's House Blend blogger and activist Autumn Sandeen. We'll talk with Autumn about the battle for the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and her part in that effort, and much more.

We'll open this week's show with a special feature on the tragedy in Tucson.

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The Rebecca Juro Show. Thursdays, 7pm Eastern. It's gonna be good so don't miss it!

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Oy vey. I'll bet you'll have lots to talk about with Autumn tonight. That shitstorm she's been at the center of on PHB is soooo much trans drama you could do three or four shows!

You got that right, Bil. We've got plenty to talk about with DADT, Ashley Love, and I'll ask Autumn to respond to charges by certain activists that there's sockpuppetry taking place on PHB.

In addition, we'll have a special feature on the Tucson tragedy. It's going to be a great show so I hope everyone will tune in!

If I may, I'd suggest leaving Lurleen alone. She's got nothing to do with the current drama and the LGBT community has a history of using fake names, etc to hide their identities. In our world, it's a necessity sometimes. None of the trolls freaking out over it have any inkling why she chose to do what she did; instead they've freaked out and tried to tear her apart for something they know nothing about. It's classless and tasteless.

Besides, Autumn's current blood oath against another trans person and all the retaliatory fire should give you enough to talk about! :)

Kathy Padilla | January 13, 2011 11:13 AM

Have you spoken to any one involved other than Lurleen Bill? Perhaps there's aspects to the story you're unaware of. Not that it's useful to review on Becky's show - but maybe you shouldn't judge without speaking to all of the parties.

Good point, Kathy. I just dislike the inner-blog fighting. I remember when PHB and Autumn went after us with ferocity and venom; I wouldn't wish the same to them.

That said, I don't know the entire story, true. But I honestly think I just don't want to.

Kathy Padilla | January 13, 2011 12:14 PM

It's certainly you're prerogative to not wish to be fully informed. As one of those involved - I don't think it's unreasonable to request you limit your comments in some way to those you have actual knowledge of.

I'm not going to be making any accusations, Bil. I'm not a barista or contributor at PHB so it's not my place to do so. All I'll be doing tonight is asking Autumn for her take on the situation as someone familiar with the players and the playing field. The way I see it, in a situation like this one my job is to ask the right questions and let people speak for themselves.

Kathy Padilla | January 13, 2011 1:27 PM

Given that so much is going on around the country to push marriage - in areas where transgender & transsexual people have no rights - while not at the same time pushing for employment protections; publishing a four part series that targets one person to speak about issues that divide those being left out is really unfortunate timing.

I'm sure many people would really, really love to talk about this - and some really, really love the impression it leaves at this critical time. And, of course, other online firestorms should be silenced.

For me - the big story here is that we're being left out again while people are fanning the flames to make us look .........unsympathetic. I'm not saying this is planned - but it's damned regrettable.

I suggest you add this to your agenda for the show.

Kathy Padilla | January 13, 2011 2:31 PM

Just received from the Victory Fund:

"Nobody should be fired because they choose to be honest about themselves and their families, but that’s exactly what happened to a women’s soccer coach at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Like any proud parent-to-be, Lisa Howe told her players she and her partner were expecting a baby, but that simple truth was too much for some powerful university officials, and now she’s out of a job.

Belmont is a private institution, and there are no statewide legal protections for LGBT people in Tennessee, but some members of the Nashville Metro Council have spoken out against this travesty."

Yes, it is a travesty. But - marriage for people who already have employment protections is sooo much more important.

That four part series is a completely different beast, Kathy. That's fair game in my eyes - that was a published series that Autumn put her name behind. I just have a distaste for outing Lurleen since we don't know why she had to be anonymous; it doesn't necessarily have an ill intention.

Kathy Padilla | January 14, 2011 3:03 PM

Bil, while not going into the issues on many other sites it’s important to note that Lurleen was not outed on Pam’s. Her real name was never mentioned there at all. She was asked to disclose – but not named.

There are issues related to what happened on Pam’s which are not the people you referred to as “trolls”. I’ll attempt to highlight them without discussing Pam’s directly.

So – let’s look here at Bilerico. Recently one of your contributors (I really do hope I’m remembering the right person here – best to skip since I’m not sure – call him Ralph) outed Andrew W. in your comments section.

1. Andrew W. was outed via private information (an IP address) and his private information was stated. Name, workplace, phone number of his workplace (via a link to his work web site & identifying him as the company owner)

2. None of that information was disclosed at Pam’s

What didn’t happen at Bilerico?

1. Bilerico did not delete the comment, did not fail to respond to Ralph’s request for information if he had contacted you, did not contact Ralph’s friends disclosing Ralph’s name and seeking private information about Ralph, did not suspend Ralph or place Ralph on moderation, did not ban Ralph outside of Bilerico’s TOS for that non-violation (though certainly permitted to ban anyone at any time for no reason of course), did not let Ralph decide his own case, did not delete every article Ralph wrote that was front paged on Bilerico, did not delete every comment Ralph ever made on Bilerico and most certainly did not delete the comments of all others commenters on every thread that Ralph participated on.

2. The first contact from Bilerico to others on the issue was not the threat of litigation.

Each of the issues deserved some discussion. I would suggest the issue of the firestorm regarding Autumn’s articles have received more than a fair share already. The other is approaching that as well.

But all of these issues take place within a larger political context. And the banning of someone questioning working exclusively on marriage when others don’t have rights in that geographic area and the distraction of those people who are left out from those rights interfering with those efforts is a higher level part of that context.

Dana Beyer approaches this in her article on wither ENDA in the Metro Weekly : “The Silent ''T''Leaders need to overcome their fears and represent everyone in the LGBT community”

Though I think she misses where the ability to foster change in the next year or two resides. The push for marriage alone in Delaware stifles the push to include trans people in the existing LGB nondiscrimination bill or pass a local one in say Wilmington, the push to only work on marriage in New Hampshire stifles the push to include trans people in the existing LGB ondiscrimination bill or pass a local one in say Portsmouth as examples.

Not doing these things now not only stands in the way of righting a wrongful exclusion from legal equality, it sets the stage for the next exclusion on a larger scale. When some will say in the future about ENDA – “people didn’t do enough education”, ‘This doesn’t exist in my district”, “if you can’t pass this in X, how can it pass nationwide”.

This isn’t a new tune, it’s not even a new dance. And while sockpuppets may not be involved, their organizational equivalents are alive and well.

All I'll be doing tonight is asking Autumn for her take on the situation as someone familiar with the players and the playing field. The way I see it, in a situation like this one my job is to ask the right questions and let people speak for themselves.

Well, here is me speaking for myself:


I took a look at this thread on PHB. WOW.

Now I remember why I stopped reading that blog. (Not because of the trans battles, but just the over-heated tone of that site in general.)

If two google searches - utilizing information that *you yourself* hastily plugged into a thread on a blog in a lame attempt to quash a point of view that differs from yours - results in you being 'outed,' then the person who did the outing was not the person who did the google searches, but you yourself.

But, that's a reality that doesn't matter - especially when a circus conveniently comes to town while there's a gay marriage agenda to push (ahead of trans employment rights.)

Break a leg, Rebecca. I'm looking forward to your show.

Maybe you can ask Autumn what she and other activists have planned for ENDA.

Becky has been doing the big work of the show preparation the last few days while nursing a stomach flu bug...and it was markedly worse this morning during our Skype conference. She was reluctant to do this, but good sense lead us to delay her return show briefly until she's feeling better.

Don't worry, well keep all the good stuff warm for you!

(Listeners of the old show and all you new folks can hear an archive show at 7PM on Becky's stream link.)

It reflects Becky's toughness that she's been doing her return show preparation with a bad stomach flu bug the past couple days. She was reluctant to do this, but one look at her on Skype just now convinced me that we should let her take the day off.

We'll keep our good stuff warm for you just a short time until Becky gives the go-ahead.

(Meanwhile, I'll run an archive show in her 7PM ET timeslot.)

"soooo much trans drama "
um, can't we please just say "drama"?
(!end derail!)

well, it's a bunch of trans* ppl fighting over who is legitimately trans whatever, so it seems pretty appropriate to me at least to call it 'trans drama'...

Thanks for understanding everyone. I really feel just awful, been sleeping and throwing up all day. There was just no way I could do a good show tonight and there's just no way I'm going to let our re-premiere suck as badly as it would have if I'd tried to go on the air tonight.

I'm hoping to be back to myself tomorrow, but no promises. One thing you can be sure of is that we're both chomping at the bit to get back on the air so the moment I'm well, you'll know.

Thanks again for understanding everyone.


Imagine if you already have stomach flu and THEN have to listen to all the PHB hissy-fit dramatics.

Get well Becky, we'll eagerly await your return.

I read one of the exchanges this morning. I'd prefer a week of the stomach flu to the 15 minutes I spent doing that. Wow...if you need fifteen words to differentiate how you are from how all the other ppl are, seems that should tell you something?

Hey everyone, I'm actually feeling human today, so we're going to be doing the show tonight, with our guest, Autumn Sandeen. Please join us, 7pm eastern tonight!

Glad you're feeling better, Rebecca.