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The World According to Americans

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This XKCD made my day. I was born and raised in one country that loves to make fun of its educational system and that prides itself in being anti-intellectual, and then I moved to another country that loves to think of itself as the smartest people in the world. The fact that education is about the same in both countries, people read about as much, and people are about as smart and intellectual in either one doesn't seem to have much of an effect on one's superiority complex and the other's bizarre insistence that it's dumb.


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OMG! I love xkcd! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go, "Oh boy, a new xkcd!"

I am such a geek! *blushes*

my fave:

oh, and Megan is just too fucking awesome...

Is there a link to a larger version? I can't read any of this. The text is too small.

good until Monday, when a new one will appear, then it will be the 'Previous' one...

until Wednesday, when it will be the previous 'Previous' one...

(an attempt at replying in the spirit of xkcd)

((and really, it's too small to read anyhows))

Bil! You actually asked that question without using the phrase "clickety to embiggen"?

You're slipping ... and I'm shocked!

and of course saying 'according to some Americans' is a very USian perspective...when I first saw the title, I assumed they meant 'ppl from the Americas', as in North, Central, and South...

(being picky with terms is also very xkcdian, but beyond that, I hate the term 'Americans' to describe ppl from the US...)

Hmmm... I'm thinking "USians" lacks a certain poetry.

My urgent question is this: With this worldview, how in the hell can Sarah Palin see Russia from her porch?

... something has got to be wrong here ...

Uh, yes she can, silly--it's only like two inches away!

I assume you're one of those lib'rul elite haters, and are just trying to tear down someone who *really* loves their country? Why can't you ppl just stop telling lies about such a great American?



Exxtra points for a creative spelling of "peninsula."