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Airing It: The Indiana Legislature's Dirty Laundry

Filed By Bil Browning | February 16, 2011 12:30 PM | comments

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I'm sick and tired of hypocritical Hoosier legislators who think that our personal lives are any of their business. Do I intrude on who they're sleeping with? I didn't, but I'm going to start now. We need to show them that unnecessary intrusion into other people's relationships is not only unwelcome but unwarranted. gossip1.jpgWe need to burn their hand so they won't touch the stove again.

Now that a marriage discrimination amendment has passed the Indiana House of Representatives, apparently it's time to put out the same call I made in 2007 that helped to kill attempts to amend the constitution until now. Last time we found out that Senator Brandt Hershman, one of the sponsors of the amendment and right-to-life darling, had forced his wife to have an abortion in 1997 before he filed for divorce one week later. I also found an anti-gay legislator who was shtupping a male hairdresser while his wife died of a long-term illness.

Consider this a call to gossip. I want to know the scoop. Tell me the stories that will embarrass those conservative bigots - Democrats and Republican - that are backing a constitutional ban on our formalized relationships. Send me gossip about who's a philanderer, a kink fiend, a drug addict, a porn addict, or had a divorce, an abortion or even a stay in rehab. Ask your friends and family for the dirt. Look it up on the internet. Sniff out a lead and send it my way.

I specifically want to learn more about the alleged blowjob one of our married legislative leaders got caught receiving from a staffer in the Statehouse parking lot. I also want to know more about the single Senator who got all of his money after a rich non-related older man died and left it all to him. Rumor has it that there's a handful of legislators who are in the closet and have been spotted visiting the Unicorn Club's strippers and the gay baths. Several southern legislators supposedly have a fondness for blow.

Do you know who they are? Will you tell me? E-mail me and I'll blow the whistle.

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Does any of the old news still apply to today's situation?

If they are still in office it does.

Thank God somebody is playing hardball! Thanks for not forgetting about Indiana Bil!

You GO, Bil Browning!

Bravo to Bilerico.

Act freakin' up. Enough already.

If we are going to do this, why don't we also "out" gay bloggers like John Aravosis who are closeted Transphobes? I'm all for outting politicians who deserve it, though the same must be done for Gays who do their best to make it that there's never an honest debate/education on Gender Identity issues.

Marla R. Stevens | February 16, 2011 11:18 PM

Bigots in glass houses should not throw stones.

Greg Seagrave | February 16, 2011 11:21 PM

This is a great idea, glad to hear it!
What the gay community needs are names
and pictures of these guys so we all know
who to be looking out for -make flyers that
look like wanted posters and put them up
in the bars and the baths. Everybody carries
cell phones with cameras these day, we could
ALL be on the look-out.
Also, here's another idea, let's have a
downtown protest rally on the same day as
the Superbowl?? the press will already
be down there,it could be a hoot!!
Lastly, the next time Mitch Daniels brags
about his truce on social issues I hope
some pundit speaks out and points out that
while he may have "clean hands" his
henchmen Bosma and Delph are going full
steam ahead on the social issues, this
fraud needs to be publicly exposed!!

Kathy Padilla | February 17, 2011 10:50 AM

Great idea - perhaps someone should wander through the state house with gridr on?

Love it Bil. I am tired of this scumbags too. I hope you get some good tips! I am going to post a link this story on my site...Izzo

It should be easy to reveal the skeletons in their closet. They're doing it, do it right back.

Brilliant idea!
By the way, this is not just about OUTING: this should be about ALL hypocrites!

Like adulterers -- for whom, the Bible is far more clear than on the subject of homosexuality, the punishment should be death. Also, marrying a divorced person is adultery. Is there a way to amend the Constitution to ban adultery and second marriages?

Yep. It's time to pay the gay piper....

If this is someone's way of making a threat of voting those people out of office, it may be working.

Mike Delph's brother is a big homo. I know, I used to date him.

Also, let's get it clear once and for all. Sexual orientation and gender identity are NOT the same thing. Not even close. I'm a gay man and resent the fact that transvestites and transexuals are lumped in with me. Every time we get close to achieving something, that T in the LGBT holds us back. Time for the T to be their own cause. Get out of my GLB group!

Robyn Elaine Serven | February 19, 2011 10:04 AM

Yeah...even us gay and lesbian transfolk need to go away, right?

First, let's review.

When a gay man gets fired for being gay, is it usually -just- because he's gay? Or is it because he's not assuming the usual gender role of burly man wants feminine woman? In the eyes of the masses, it's usually more because he's assuming the "feminine" role of being with another man. The guys who get fired aren't usually your muscle men - they're the nellies among us that don't fit traditional gender roles.

Oh, yes, gender identity is part and parcel of sexual orientation. They're not the same thing - just like the cookie and the stuffing are different in an Oreo. Put them together though, and you've got a delicious cookie since they compliment each other so well.

And secondly - the religious right wants nothing so much as for us to turn on each other. Divide and conquer is a common strategy. Don't fall for it. It's their uninformed prejudice that they use as a weapon; don't pick it up to use against your brothers and sisters.

From one gay man to another, you sound like a Grade A douchebag.

John R. Selig | February 18, 2011 6:14 PM

Go get 'em Bil!

MADDER THAN HELL | February 19, 2011 3:34 PM

Would love to know where Mitch stands on this. He has had a couple of high profile gays in his cabinet including former State Fire Marshal Roger Johnson. Should Roger be able to marry whoever he loves, Mitch?

@B-dub: I'm transgender. I don't have to declare my orientation, people just assume I'm gay.

Then again, ask Joe over at HRC, he'll tell you I'm expendable, unless I have lots of money to donate. Trans people ARE on their own already. Legislation like ENDA usually excludes "gender identity" while including anything else qeer or gay. Next Stonewall Day, please remember it was the trannys that started it all. Those boys wearing the girly things. Your legal protections and rights came out of the fight THEY put up.

Great idea, and while we're at it, let's also expose the truth about the creeps within the lgbt movement who lie and who run smear campaigns against other lgbt people. Quite a number of these bastards are regular posters at this site.

Love what you are doing Bil! I can't stand these damn hypocrites as much as you can't.