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Weekly Reader: The Military, Allen West, & Indiana's Dirty Underbelly

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Indiana politics has dominated Bilerico Project this week. My post asking readers to send in the dirt on hypocritical "family values" state legislators who voted for a marraige amendment resulted in a media firestorm and the state senate responded by upping the stakes with a bill to Indiana.gifban same-sex couples from even getting domestic partner benefits. What happened in the rest of the country? Here are the best posts from the past week so you can catch up:


What Does the Trans Community Want the President to Know? Filed by: Joe Mirabella
#SSS: Egypt, CPAC & the gays, DADT repeal implementation and gay lawmakers Filed by: Phil Reese


Friendship in the Time of Love Filed by: Yasmin Nair
Arizona: Are Domestic Partner Benefits for Gay/Bi Couples Only? Filed by: Nancy Polikoff


Allen West's Attack On Multiculturalism Goes Against American Grain Filed by: Andrew Belonsky
Scampering Through the News Filed by: Leslie Robinson


What HRC Thinks of the LA Gay and Lesbian Center Filed by: Karen Ocamb
Month of Fever Filed by: Sara Whitman


The Case Against LGB Military Recruitment Filed by: Alex Blaze
CPAC and the Trouble with True Believers Filed by: Terrance Heath


Navy Chief in Anti-Gay Hazing Case to Retire with Full Rank and Pay Filed by: Michael Hamar
Facebook or Twitter: Strategies on Information Sharing Filed by: Leone Kraus

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Mr. Allen West should give respect to the House of Reps. and to the President of the United States of America. Allen West is not respecting the US constitution by bashing the American minorities such as the American Muslims. After he becomes elected few weeks ago started to attack members of the Congress who served for years. I do not think that Allen West belongs to our honorable House and he brought shame to our Government. Allen West should change his unprofessional style and remember that he and the rest of our Government are watched by the rest of the world. We are not in Iraq anymore and he still think that he is in the battle field. For sure he is making us look bad. When he was in Iraq he was almost thrown out due to his inhumane behavior that brought shame to the US Army and now he is doing it again.
Sofian Zakkout,