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Here's the group photo from this weekend's gathering of LGBT bloggers and editors in San Francisco for a day long workshop on immigration reform, teen homelessness, bullying, suicide, and a quick presentation on the status of Prop 8 legislation.


Attendees (clickety to embiggen): Michael Rogers (BlogActive), Eden James (, Phil Reese (SameSexSunday), Andrés Duque (Blabbeando), Karen Ocamb (LGBT POV), Jeremy Hooper (Good As You), Jean Albright (Windy City Times), Matt Baume (, David Stern (Frontiers Magazine), Shuan Knittel (Seattle Gay News), Tracy Baim (Windy City Times), Ksen Pallegedara (Presenter), Joe Mirabella (Seattle PI), Zack Ford (ZackFordBlogs), Carl Siciliano (Ali Forney Center), Chris Geidner (Metro Weekly), Rod McCullom (Rod 2.0), Daniel Villarreal (Queerty), Adam Bink (Prop8TrialTracker), Chris Johnson (Washington Blade), Ed Kennedy (AfterElton), Jerame Davis (Bilerico Project), Caitlin Ryan (Family Acceptance Project), Jason Cianciotto (Presenter), Bil Browning (host), Jos Truitt (Feministing), Rex Wockner (freelancer), Elizabeth Plata (Presenter), Matt Comer (Q Notes), Erik Resnick (Gay People's Chronicle), Shannon Minter (National Center for Lesbian Rights), Sunni Brydum (Out Front Colorado), Andrew Belonsky (Death & Taxes), Joe Jervis (Joe.My.God.), Cynthia Laird (Bay Area Reporter), Michael Jones (, Liza Sabater (Culture Kitchen), Ann Haas (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), Mauricio Rodriguez (Presenter), Ed Plata (Presenter).

We had quite a few more attendees this year and hopefully next time we'll be able to expand further. For those who weren't able to attend, the meeting was live-tweeted with the hashtag #haas11 and one attendee set up a live stream video.

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Is there any way to access the content of the presentations in more than 140 characters?

I've written to Andres to see if he'll send me a link to his streams. I'm not sure if they were live only or if they're saved.

wow don't break finger while type what actual was talk about in detail... that would be asking to much..

oops I forgot us peon who weren't invite doesn't have the right to ask question of the Elite members of the Gay Inc, Insidersout, and Country Club

Yes, I DO have to say this...

Jos is a very infrequent contributor these days at Feministing. She was the only trans woman.

Shannon Minter, who writes extremely infrequent blogs at Bilerico (and perhaps someplace else?) was the only trans man. It would be pushing it to call him a blogger.

What's wrong with this picture?

Shannon was there as a presenter, and he was by no means the only trans man there.
Though I suppose it's too much effort to actually research the people involved before making a blanket statement on the group as a whole.

I went by who was listed in the photo. So enlighten me... who were the other trans man bloggers who were there? And who were the other trans women bloggers? Obviously then, my point was totally wrong and that the trans community is represented at such an event as a totally equal partner. *end sarcasm*

After all the hype what was accomplished at this free weekend in SF outside of a group photo ?

Enquiring minds wish to know ?

Where's the beef ? as Clara once said.

I'm not about to do your homework for you. If you had really gone by all who was listed on the photo, you wouldn't have made the original broad brush comment in the first place. Not everyone in attendance was a blogger, or there in their capacity as one.

Personally, this was the first training that I'd attended/ given where the wider GL community actually acknowledged the dearth of trans resources, data and representation, and the need to do better. It's pretty big when the question asked is not " Why should we include them" but rather " How do we get accurate data so we can report better." In many ways this was about educating the attendees on how to be better reporters of the issues, and they came ready to actually listen.

I hope Bil can get the stream from Andres, and that Karen Ocamb posts her video so people can finally see what this was all about and we can lay to rest the charges of " OMG Super Secret Gay Inc Confab!!!"

Thanks for sharing. Is there a link to join this group's meetings in the future?