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A New Me Gets Ready For GetEqual's One Year Anniversary

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Yesterday, I arrived at Bil and Jerame's house in DC to spend a little facetime with my Editor-in-Chief and Webmaster during my Spring Break. Aside from delighting in the smart-funny-edgy company, I'm going with them to the fundraiser for GetEqual's one year anniversary tomorrow night at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, which comes on the heels of the court arraignment yesterday of the GetEqual 13, who chained themselves to the White House fence when the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal bill was going down in flames.

Their arraignment was particularly notable, according to the Washington Post, because of the unusual charges under a criminal code section rarely used for First Amendment-protected activities of protest: the catch-all failure to follow police orders, which could mean anything. If they tell you to do jumping jacks, and you don't, you broke the law.

But my hair! It's a mess when it gets long in the winter, as in the picture here. Jill Weiss.jpg Hair is serious business, and I do not let just anybody touch my curls, which are more akin to bedsprings. And a bad haircut means several months of purgatory while the bad hair demons are exorcised. So Bil suggested I go to see Zhen at VSL on Dupont Circle. I was a little reluctant, but after cross-examining the receptionist, a random customer and Zhen herself, I decided to give myself up to Fate. After all, it's important to look nice at a fundraiser at a tony place like MT+BW, or you know they'll be talking behind their hands.

The Sunday evening fundraiser, and thus my coiffure, is particularly important given the startling events in Court yesterday. The judge wasn't buying it. The charges, I mean. That, and the "after" picture showing Zhen's marvelous creation, after the jump.

No, in fact, according to Chris Geitner of MetroWeekly, the judge compared the protests by the GetEqual 13 to those of Martin Luther King Jr., and specifically referred to the case Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham, in which the Supreme Court found that a similar law used against protesters in 1960 violated the First Amendment. The judge asked prosecutors to come up with new charges, and the case has been put off until September.

Jill03-19-11.jpgI am looking forward to seeing some of the GetEqual 13 tomorrow night and thanking them for risking their safety in the cause of freedom. And I will have a wonderful hairdo while doing so. Thank you, Bil, and thank you Zhen. Now my only problem is that I have to come to DC every time I want my hair cut. Well worth the trip, however.

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Good news and a GREAT cut. Very flattering! It's amazing what a good 'do will do for your confidence, isn't it. May tomorrow be your night to shine.

Thanks for your kind words, Betty. Those who will shine are the GetEqual 13. I will merely hope to bask in their reflected light.

Thanks for your kind words, Betty. Those who will shine are the GetEqual 13. I will merely hope to bask in their reflected light.

Rick Sutton | March 19, 2011 10:26 PM

Your hair was fine before, and better now.

Bil and Jerame are great hosts, or so I hear.

Cherry Blossom time. Best time of the year in DC. No doubt. And it's poignant to reflect on the trees--a gift of the Japanese government. They're having a particularly difficult time now. The government, not the trees.

The trees are always spectacular. Tell J&B that the town just went nuts with Butler's basketball win.

Thanks, Rick. I'll tell J&B. The blossoms are beautiful in DC now. There is very much a presence of mind here about Japan, and concern for the people of Japan.

First the pleasantries Nice doo and I'm facing the same misgivings about trying a new stylist tommorow. I can only hope I'm as lucky as you were with yours.
If I'm not to late posting this since I'm a three year Army Infantry Vet could you do me a favor and ask Autumn Sandeen a question for me? It is: What the hell were you thinking chaining yourself to the Whitehouse Fence for the military version of Enda? Also a question for the other 12 in a couple decades or so when the LGB remembers the forgotten T will they be willing to again chain themselves to the Whitehouse fence for us?
PS If someone is willing to stand up for T inclusion in the military I'm willing to support it and I have a reasonably unique military backround due to where I was stationed.

Good luck, amym, with the stylist! Re Autumn, I know that she is still very concerned about the plight of trans military personnel and vets. While I can't speak for her, I believe that she felt that her presence was important on that White House Fence to show the world that the discrimination is not limited to lesbian and gay service members, and to point up to our LGB allies that we need support too. But I'll ask her and report back.

Jillian, nice do. Work it, girl!

Your comment about how Autumn thought about this issue is right on the money. We've talked a lot about it before she made her choice. TAVA has long since supported the repeal of DADT, even though we knew all along it wouldn't affect us. Autumn took it to the next level. It was the right choice, because we are now seeing support from other organizations on wanting to work in getting trans people a chance to serve openly, with GetEqual being on the top of the list.

Interesting that the GetEqual fundraiser was on the same night as the SLDN dinner. Was that done on purpose?

Oh, Autumn told me they are referring to themselves as the "White House 13."

Thanks, Monica, for further insight into Autumn's thinking, and TAVA's. There was no conscious thinking about SLDN, as far as I know, and I also hear the Victory Fund is having something today as well. My guess is that as the weather gets warmer, you won't be able to turn around in DC without tripping over some fundraiser for some darn thing every weekend. The dollar trees as well as the cherry blossoms and dogwoods are starting to bloom here.

Kathy Padilla | March 20, 2011 1:02 PM

There are some important distinctions between dadt, enda, the MD nondiscrim bill or say excluding trans people from broad nondiscrim bills as in say NY & MA and prioritizing marriage.

While I certainly wouldn't suggest dadt should have been prioritized over a broader federal nondiscrim bill - there are existing laws and policies that don't effect all lgbt people the same way and need to be addressed separately. Dadt was one of these - it had quite different actions needed to revoke this law than changing policies that prevent service by trans people. Even if those policies were changed - glb trans people still couldn't serve. If there were a health care non discrim law - than including all lgbt folks is of course possible - required!

Removing restrictions on trans related health care would likewise need to be addressed separately - the HUD policy including trans people in the Fair Housing Act doesn't cover glb folks.

Passing nondiscrim & hate crimes legislation is one of those things that do effect all lgbt people in a similar manner & through the exact same legislative process. As w

Hi amym440,

I live by a simple axiom: If an issue is an issue for just one subcommunity of the LGBT communiy, then it's my issue. I would hope other LGB people in the LGBT community would act the same way regarding T issues.

One of the responsibilities I've takenon is to show by example how to be a good neighbor to all of my peers in all of the LGBT subcommunities. I've made a choice to live by the golden rule - I work hard at treating others as I want to be treated.

A fuller explanation of why I participated in the GetEQUAL protests are found here and here.

Warmest thoughts,

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.
~Cesar Chavez

Your cut looks more professional, but please don't feel you must have straight hair!
Really, you look gorgeous in your long-haired photo, though the hair needs a little tidying.
I am sympathetic as one whose hair has always been a problem; I don't want to spend half my morning with a blowdryer or hair iron and have only rarely gotten a haircut that satisfied me.Just yesterday I googled "how to cut curly hair" and found several useful sites.
Check out http://blogs.jewishtimes.com/index.php/style/features_article/fe_curl_ja04/ for instance.
I am not convinced by their assertion that the preference for straight hair is due to racism, because when I was growing up in the 50s, all the straighties spent hours getting their hair permed.
It's just the current style.

Yes, well, thank you Pam, but I assure your that the photos were carefully vetted before I posted them. My bad hair photos are too shocking even to be shown on this site. I straighten my hair using a flatiron when I want to look chic (well, to the extent that I can approach chic, anyway), and the rest of the time it's bedsprings and wires everywhere. Lots of people have told me they like my hair curly, so I repeat that mantra to myself whenever possible, and try not to look in mirrors too much.

I love your curly hair - but I completely understand the occasional reluctance to bounce about everywhere. I keep my hair cut short just to avoid the curls that spring out all over when it's longer. It makes it so much easier to manage.

I'm just glad I could recommend a good stylist for you. Now if only I looked that good when I left! :)

Autumn I would like to talk to you about this and the use of the word transgender off this blog and on the phone is there any way possible to arrange that?