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Dana Beyer Cleared of Ethics Charges

Filed By Jake Weinraub | March 18, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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After several years of a political battled riddled with discrimination, spin, and security breaches, danabeyer.jpgDana Beyer, senior aide to Montgomery County, Maryland Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg, has been exonerated of all ethics charges.

While it's great that the charges were finally dropped, no compensation has been considered regarding the lasting effect this trouble has had on Beyer and councilwoman Trachtenburg's political careers. Beyer explains to the Metroweekly:

"The main problem which has not been resolved to any degree whatsoever, is that the Ethics Commission did not perform an investigation. They did not perform due diligence before they chose to charge me. And to the best of my knowledge I'm the first council staffer ever charged with an ethics violation," she said.

"I believe, and I will prove this in court if the opportunity ever rises, that this was a politically motivated attack on me because of my trans-history ... and that it was all done for the specific reason of damaging my political career and that of my boss [who] hired me.

"She was not reelected," Beyer said, adding that it has also damaged her own political career, in seeking election as a Maryland delegate.

"I know of at least one instance, I'm sure there were more, where I did not receive endorsements from various advocacy groups because of this. Having an ethics cloud hanging over me, people who were sensibly my friends, and should have given me the benefit of the doubt, but because the ethics commission has decided to charge me, felt like they couldn't do so."

Back in December 2009, Bil sat down with Dana, who is a frequent reader and commenter on the Bilerico Project, to discuss the ethics charges when they were first filed:

We will continue to stand with Dana as she navigates this political mess. We love you!

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Exoneration is not always justice. Sadly our society is quick to follow misconduct but eerily silent on innocence. People should hold those who wrongly accuse to the same standard as the accused for they destroy lives and abuse the very term of ethics.

Agreed. If it was just politically motivated, those right wingers should have to pay her damages for the smear to her good name.

From the record:

The Commission found Mr. Schall’s testimony, as well as Verlon Mason’s audiotape and affidavit, unpersuasive. Mr. Mason’s use of the derogatory term “shim” when referring to Dr. Beyer, evidences a bias against transgendered individuals. Similarly, Mr. Schall displayed a palpable and unapologetic disdain for transgendered individuals which, in the Commission’s judgment, makes his testimony not credible.

On the other hand, the disinterested witnesses do not support the charge.

Says it all, really. These Fanatics couldn't even conceal their bigotry long enough to make their lies remotely credible.