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Disgusting Comments from Montana Republicans

Filed By D Gregory Smith | March 18, 2011 8:30 AM | comments

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The Montana law outlawing homosexuality was ruled unconstitutional years ago, but it's still on the books. A bill has been introduced to simply reconcile the language of the criminal code and the law.

Not so simple.

And not so fast.

Mike Wessler of the Montana Democrats:

During the hearing, opponents of the bill, both those testifying and on committee said some of the most disgusting things about gay, lesbian and bisexual people that I have ever heard. One opponent of the bill said that all pedophiles were gay or bisexual. A member of the committee asked a series of questions in order to suggest that gay men are simply HIV positive tax burdens.

Warning: this is some of the most vile asshattery I've ever heard.

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I just sent this to Rep Wagner:

Though I am not one of your constituents, I still have a few things to say about some of your comments in session on March 17th of this year. I heard you, in your own voice, demeaning homosexuals, implying that all pedophiles are homosexual, and had HIV and AIDS, and other incredibly misleading and outright untrue statements. Shame on you, sir. Don't you realize that regardless of your own feelings about a group of people that you are still required to set a reasonable standard of behavior for EVERYONE in your constituency? You are a leader of your community and people will look to you. I would think that after all of those kids last year were bullied to death that we'd be choosing (at least public) words a little more carefully, but you willingly set misinformation out as public record. I could not hear some of the things that were said in that session without personally castigating you. Please refrain from speaking factual untruths in session, especially about a population who is still struggling with full citizenship. People who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender are human, Americans, and even Montanans too. There are good people, bad people, and those who are a mix of both in their ranks, just as in any other grouping. You are still required to represent and respect them, not behave like a bully in the schoolyard, throwing out "facts" that you heard from your grandfather. Shame on you, sir. I can't believe I just heard a grown man behaving like such a child.

I could barely get past the first sentence it sounded so revolting. First off, 100% of pedophiles are NOT LGBTQ and secondly, the logic of that is fundamentally a weak attempt at trying to pass a kind of "all elephants are animals, therefore all animals are elephants". Probably one of the most boneheaded fallacy mistakes of all times called simply, "The Converse Accident" or more anciently "a dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter". I mean, they used to drown toddlers for that one....not that I'd have any intent of doing this to a prestigious "lawmaker".

Lies and bigotry are the heart and soul of the conservative politicians. I am not surprised by this but I am disgusted none the less.

Revealing this as false won't change a thing, these people are immune to facts that do not agree with their inner-narrative. If it doesn't fit their world view, it must not be so.