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Glad to Get My GLAAD On at the #GlaadAwards

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Tonight, in New York City, I'll be joining others from the press to cover this year's GLAAD Media Awards. I've never covered an event like this before for my blog, nor have I contributed content for an awards show for The Bilerico Project, which just so happens to be up for a nomination...so all sorts of excitement surround this event for me.

Originally I had planned to take a group of twenty volunteers from Swish, a national gay-straight alliance that I spend a lot of my free time with. During my coordination of pulling together the volunteers, I submitted my press application on the off chance that GLAAD wanted someone to cover the show from a social media perspective. To my surprise, they said yes and now, here I am, and I still have twenty volunteers in tow.

I work in online media marketing for a living, so the work that GLAAD does and its mission really resonates with me. We need an organization that holds the media accountable for how it represents the LGBT community. Every time someone like 50cent tweets, I'm glad someone is there to call a red flag on the play. I'm also happy that there is an organization that will applaud those that are portraying us appropriately in the storylines and press.

This year marks GLAAD's 25th year of work and I'm happy to be part of the celebration. The Bilerico Project, along with other great blogs like Blabbeando, Rod2.0, Pam's House Blend, and Joe.My.God. are up for an award tonight.

Last year, I blogged about GLAAD when they partnered with Facebook to combat hate speech and cyber-bullying, which, being a fan of social media, contributes to my passion for GLAAD's work. I also interviewed Alison Palmer, director of digital initiatives at GLAAD to talk further about what the partnership between GLAAD and Facebook means. I encourage you to check out both of these pieces.

I hope you enjoy my coverage from the GLAAD media awards. You can follow along with what's unfolding at the award show on Twitter with hashtag #glaadawards. I'll be contributing to the Twitter conversation when I can.

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