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SquEEing for Glee: Gay Kiss

Filed By Jake Weinraub | March 17, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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On Tuesday evening GLEEks around the world squealed in ecstasy (or squEEed: a Glee-induced squeal, as coined by my friend Caity) when two of the show's queer characters, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, finally kissed.

The tension had been brewing all season, and this was after we had accepted the fact that they would just be friends after Blaine sang to that boy in the Gap and Kurt admitted he thought Blaine was going to be singing to him and Blaine told him he wasn't ready for a relationship even though they had both stolen so many furtive glances at one another that may or may not have been noticed and then Blaine was worried that Kurt didn't know a lot about sex so he asked Kurt's dad to say something and then Kurt and his dad had a really cute sex talk. Ugh do you see what this show does to me?

I've tried to explain the show's appeal to my friends who think it's ridiculous, and basically you just have to buy into its world where the most popular boy at an all-boys private school is a homo and everyone is super talented and sexy. It's kind of a nice break, like drugs or frosting.

This was also one of the first times I've seen a real gay kiss on primetime TV. It was the center of the scene, and it lasted; it wasn't quickly cut out or somewhere in the background. I'm not saying Glee is a beacon of truth or even exemplary queer media representation, but damn that kiss was satisfying.

So how did other gleeks react? Check it out after the jump.

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I can’t imagine this show when I was a freshman in high school…1969.

Is it OK if that makes me cry for joy… for today’s kids. YAY!

Regan DuCasse | March 17, 2011 5:52 PM

I posted a comment over at Joe My God regarding the reaction to Kurt and Blaine's kiss.
Glee IS ridiculous.
But I mostly like it, so I watch it.
I think the most important thing about their kiss is that is wasn't furtive or without mutual feeling.
Those boys have had a developing closeness (not just lust) so that you know they love each other. They've been bonding through music. Well, that's what ALL those kids do. So Kurt-aine doing the same isn't news.

I think I have been warmed by the reaction of the young people in the room. A mixed group of boys and girls.
See, kids are so de sensitized to violence that they cheer at beat downs, shootings, stabbings and bombings.
Look at another viral video showing this little bantam cock bully of a kid, punch a bigger kid right in the face and KEEP doing it as his friends taped the whole thing.
Until the bully got picked up and body slammed to the ground.
Violence directed at gays is more acceptable on the street than affection between gay people.
Which is an insanity that makes me despair sometimes.

If there are young people out there cheering at the sight of love between two people something is right with the world.
We SHOULD cheer love, friendship and witnessing it should warm us and make us feel better and gentler towards those who express it, whoever they may be.

My reaction? "About damn time". Seriously is it that I'm 30 now and nothing surprises me? Hell I got more emotional and actually cried a little when they did Blackbird.

Thanks, Jake. I am almost ashamed to say I've never watched Glee, BUT I also have seen that kissing scene on just about every website I've opened recently. And I must say, the romance of the scene nearly brought tears...and maybe it's more--like the incredible significance of someone my age seeing two men kissing on TV. I can only say, despite all the work that still must be done, it's a privilege to see this. Thanks for the column.

I find Glee rather sickening because it goes out of its way to be gay positive and trans negative.

then don't watch it

It was about time they kissed, but you seemed to have gloss over the on-again, off-again lesbian relationship that has long preceded this kiss. You don't have to be a gay man to appreciate the kiss. However, it would be nice if you, as a gay man, would as least acknowledge that there are lesbians characters in the show, too.

I'm really into the subplot of the lesbian romance. Thanks for bringing it up, Monica.

Brittana rules, I think they're the queerest thing about the show. They deserve a whole post of their own! But you're right I should I have mentioned them in this.

Well said Regan. And I like Kurt-aine so much more than Blurt. ;)

I am glad that there was a gay kiss, but it was totally unrealistic (not that Sue beating up on the kids is any more realistic). Yeah, you could all harsh on me for this but, let's be honest, Blaine is way out of Kurt's league. Blaine is hot, the most popular guy at school, and I could totally see him with the hottie at the Gap not Kurt. Kurt is whiny and a bit shallow and not cute (cute, perhaps, in a "stuffed animal"-type of way but not in a "I would love to sleep with him" kind of way). I think it is kind of annoying that just because there are two gay guys on a show that they have to become boyfriends. Just like when you are a gay man who is single at a wedding, everyone is going to try to fix you up with the one other gay guy at the wedding even if he looks like someone from the Addams Family. You know, if there are two gays there, they must like each other...

Paige Listerud | March 19, 2011 2:57 PM

I'm so glad that Blaine got over that whole disappointing, not to mention disgusting, bi phase so that he could finally kiss Kurt in perfect Kinsey 6 queerness. Nothing like two perfectly queer boys kissing to restore innocence to man on man action.

Am I the catty bisexual? Yes, I am. Plus, I know plenty of bi guys in successful relationships with gay men. Oh well, we can have a TV show all about that next decade.

That's kinda my point. Cis gays and lesbians are too busy partying over how GL-positive Glee is to pay any attention to the fact that it is nastily biphobic and transphobic, and when we point it out all they want to do is bitch at us for spoiling their fun.