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Who Destroyed the Economy, Teachers or Bankers?

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 17, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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I would hardly call Jon Stewart a liberal, much less a leftist, and I don't remember him ever calling himself either of those terms either. He's a centrist with some fairly rightwing positions (like continued support for the occupation of Afghanistan), but since he's not thumping a Bible or calling for an end to all taxes on wealthy people he appears pretty much communist in our political landscape.

But, like me, his mother was a teacher, and I'm glad that the recent attacks on teachers are making someone in the media as peeved as they're making me. It's a thankless job that requires a college degree, takes more than 40 hours a week, and takes years of experience to get good at. At the same time, they're one of the last strong unions still standing in the US and teachers are almost entirely separated from profit and careerist motives, making them the enemies of the corporate state.

Here's a clip from a week ago in which Stewart points out how ridiculous some of these attacks on teachers are.

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Faux news, total disconnect from reality starting day one.

The shear hypocricy that CEO’s are so effin speical and teachers need to give up more so the CEO’s can have more.

Maybe if the teachers re-branded themselves as CEO’s?

But in all seriousness, when did the GOP start down a road to ensure America will become a 3rd world country?

I remember a recent study that said teachers spend an average of $400 a year out of their own pockets on supplies for their students. When I was able to work full time it was well over $400.
Most teachers I know will spend whatever they are able to if it means helping their students learn and grow; practically ALL other professions would bill their clients for extra charges.

Can you IMAGINE a doctor or lawyer paying one penny out of their own pocket?

Summers off? PLEASE. Between the amount of unpaid work done at home every night and the time and money spent on professionaly development in the summer through conferences and workshops....which are expensive....we are hardly rolling in cash. I'd like to see ONE of these bozos make it through 1 day of teaching.

It's amazing to me how teachers never get credit for spending their own money to buy supplies. As you said, imagine a doctor having to buy all of his own supplies. Ridiculous.