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World Penis Map

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | March 29, 2011 4:30 PM | comments

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What the world's been waiting for: a virtual Baedeker's for size queens. Chart your next sordid adventure using this map which averages penis-size by geographical location.

See the penis map at full mast on Geekologie

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What is the unit of measurement? Inches seems absurd.

The only thing worse than size queens are small dicks.

I want to see how this correlates to per capita ownership of underheated swimming pools.

So, we can clearly also draw a correlation to economy and muscle cars from this as well can't we. ;)

This is not a scientific data report, it is nothing more than a racist statment about "big dicked black men" and "tiny dicked asian men". It is neither original nor clever.

I agree, but I looked at it more as a joke ... even so, do we really need yet another reinforcement of the myth about how race relates to dick size?

(Interesting to note: The races with the "big dicks" are not necessarily the same ones with the highest birth rates -- in fact, it would be easier to argue the exact opposite.)

Someone actually did a real scientific study about 10 years ago that got published in a scholarly journal that sort of goes along with this but not quite. I don't remember the #2, but I know #1 was France, #3 was Mexico and #4 was USA. It made sense because we're an amalgamation of everything, but we're more German and French than anything in the north, and more Mexican than anything in the border states, so why not inherit their big units?

I wonder how this map was made. I actually recall reading the paper on the dick size previously mentioned, and readin the "methodology" part and saying "wow, how thorough!" I'm skeptical because I don't know how they arrived at these numbers... I mean... Hungary? I've been with Hungarian men and... well... sorry, I don't buy it.

Having lived and travelled in many countries, I have doubts about the solidity of the "study". First of all, Mexicans tend to have small ones as they are mainly native genetically so I doubt the map is genuine. As for the maps about Africa and India, it is extremely difficult to get any reliable market data in those zones, so I cannot imagine how they could get data about something so personal as size!

Hmm. I smell a rat. Any map not registering India's generous dimensions in this department is clearly bogus. And what about the gray areas? Are we to presume that men in places like Mauritania and Kazakhstan have no dicks at all? Or is that dangerous territory for dick-sizers?

I'll just point out since there are several questions on this: the map was posted for entertainment purposes only.

These pseudo-studies are usually terrible, relying on self-reporting and a self-selecting sample that isn't representative when it comes to race, etc., and doesn't control for age, etc.

It's a sensitive subject and the US doesn't have a good study on the matter much less all these countries. The map is fun, that's it.

If I'm going to travel the world investigating other men's dicks ... I can think of better ways to have fun.

Indeed. I'm sure there are lots of volunteers willing to study this.

there should be porn about that!