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Abortion to Compete with Lesbians?

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 26, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Pat Robertson claims straight women (on the far-left) love to abort babies so they can compete with lesbians. Aren't you jealous that you didn't think of that yourself?

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You know I am so shocked and appalled at this I really don't want to reply.

Ummm. . .I'm pro-choice and I have zero interest in killing babies. I don't know anyone who is sitting in their lair, twirling their mustache going "Yess. . . musssst kill all the babiesssss!!" And I'd say if there are such folks, they're probably pretty seriously mentally ill. My interest lies in making sure that women have the choice when and/or whether they want to have those babies. And lesbians "can't have children?" Ummm. . .yes, yes, they can. I know several who have, actually.

This might sound like logic if you don't think about it, which is frankly quite sad. It's ridiculous how language is being used in a divisive way so much lately. The arguments here as I see them are:

(R): We're against abortion because it stops a human life.
A fair point, in my opinion. That's pretty sad. However, babies (while wonderful) are also a LOT of work and expense, and being pregnant does take a toll on a woman's health.

(L): We're for a person's right to choose whether to have an abortion.
Again, fair point. All of the above applies to this as well.

The trouble happens, in my opinion, the moment the hyperbole starts:

(R): You want to kill babies!

Wait, what? No, no I don't want to kill babies. I don't think anyone does. But when one is accused of this in debate, for most people, the shields go up instantly and then it usually degrades to name-calling.

(L): You want to enslave women!!

Ummm, that's probably not true either. And again, there go the shields. And in this mini-debate, nothing has been accomplished. No one's thought, no one's changed their minds, and everyone's just mad at each other.

The trouble with this mud-slinging style of "debate," is that the only thing that ever gets accomplished is a galvanization of one's own opinion and the feeling that you were right after all. I know we're not necessarily taught to think for ourselves in this country, but we need to start learning. We need to listen calmly, weigh actual points, and think about why each argument carries weight. While I disagree with Pat Robertson on almost everything he's ever said, I can agree that abortion is sad. Very sad, actually. However, as a thinking human being, I can't ever sanction its abolition. I simply can't know what's in each and every person's heart and nor can Pat. I can't, nor should I try, to make choices for every woman who finds herself pregnant and in an untenable (for whatever reason) situation. It's simply not my choice to make. And nor is it Pat's. It's down to each individual to make their own choice and then live with it.

Ignorance, and insensitivity live on through Pat Robertson, and followers. I'm kind of thinking that this statement from him is so incredibly ignorant, that he actually "chose" to give way to this stupidity, much in the same way that we as LGB.......t "choose" our orientations, and Gender Identity!Um...Not! Wow, these are really some sick people. Honestly I do believe that Mr. Robertson, and his ilk really do know what the truth is, but seek to influence the authoritarian masses to unwittingly, and continually denigrate us for their own gain, or political advantage. That they try to justify their actions, and hate in the name of God, and Christianity is most appalling, and very, very amoral! My 2 cents worth!

Om Kalthoum | April 26, 2011 11:43 PM

Wait, let me run and get my tin foil cap and listen to that again. Okay, now it's clear. Pat was abducted and probed by those aliens and...oh, never mind. He's just flat creepy and crazy, both.