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ENDA Reintroduced, 92 Fewer Co-Sponsors: Who's Missing?

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ENDA was reintroduced in the 112th Congress today as HR 1397, with 92 fewer co-sponsors than when the 111th Congress closed, according to the Washington Blade.

Why are there 92 fewer co-sponsors, and what does this mean?

There are many factors at play here, as usual in human affairs.

According to Harry Gural, Barney Frank's spokesperson, 111 is a great result, given the Democrats' losses in the last election.

Is it? Are the 92 those who are no longer in Congress? Numbers and who's missing, how to contact them and why, after the jump.

By comparing the list of co-sponsors of the newly-introduced ENDA to the list of those who had signed on last time and running those through Wikipedia to see who was not re-elected, we find that the following 57 current Members of the House, who had signed on as co-sponsors last time around (or indicated that they would vote in favor), are missing as co-sponsors from the current ENDA.

Their telephone numbers and emails are listed here so you can call them to inquire and ask them to co-sponsor.

Ed Pastor (D-04) 202-225-4065 602-256-0551 Click here for email
Gabrielle Giffords (on disability leave)

Mike Thompson (D-01) 202-225-3311 707-269-9595 Click here for email
Doris Matsui (D-05) 202-225-7163 916-498-5600 Click here for email
John Garamendi (D-10) 202-225-1880 707-438-1822 Click here for email
Jerry McNerney (D-11) 202-225-1947 209-476-8552 Click here for email
Joe Baca (D-43) 202-225-6161 909-885-2222 Click here for email
Loretta Sanchez (D-47) 202-225-2965 714-621-0102 Click here for email

Ed Perlmutter (D-07) 202-225-2645 303-274-7944 Click here for email

Jim Himes (D-04) 202-225-5541 866-453-0028 Click here for email
Chris Murphy (D-05) 202-225-4476 860-223-8412 Click here for email

Corrine Brown (D-03) 202-225-0123 407-290-9031 Click here for email

Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (D-02) 202-225-3631 706-320-9477
Click here for email
Hank Johnson (D-04) 202-225-1605 770-987-2291 Click here for email

Bobby L. Rush (D-01) 202-225-4372 708-385-9550 Click here for email
Danny K. Davis (D-07) 202-225-5006 773-533-7520 Click here for email

Peter J. Visclosky (D-01) 202-225-2461 219-795-1844 Click here for email
Andre Carson (D-07) 202-225-4011 317-283-6516 Click here for email

John Yarmuth (D-03) 202-225-5401 502-582-5129 Click here for email

Donna F. Edwards (D-04) 202-225-8699 301-516-7601 Click here for email

Tim Walz (D-01) 202-225-2472 507-388-2149 Click here for email
Keith Ellison (D-05) 202-225-4755 612-522-1212 Click here for email

William Lacy Clay, Jr. (D-01) 202-225-2406 314-367-1970 Click here for email
Russ Carnahan (D-03) 202-225-2671 636-937-8039 Click here for email
Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-05) 202-225-4535 816-833-4545 Click here for email

New Jersey
Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-06) 202-225-4671 732-249-8892 Click here for email
Leonard Lance (R-07) 202-225-5361 908-518-7733 Click here for email
Donald M. Payne (D-10) 202-225-3436 908-629-0222 Click here for email

New York
Tim Bishop (D-01) 202-225-3826 631-289-6500 Click here for email
Carolyn McCarthy (D-04) 202-225-5516 516-739-3008 Click here for email
Gregory W. Meeks (D-06) 202-225-3461 718-327-9791 Click here for email
Nydia M. Velazquez (D-12) 202-225-2361 212-673-3997 Click here for email
Paul D. Tonko (D-21) 202-225-5076 518-465-0700 Click here for email
Louise M. Slaughter (D-28) 202-225-3615 585-232-4850 Click here for email

North Carolina
Larry Kissell (D-08) 202-225-3715 910-920-2070 Click here for email
Mel Watt (D-12) 202-225-1510 336-275-9950 Click here for email
Brad Miller (D-13) 202-225-3032 919-836-1313 Click here for email

Marcy Kaptur (D-09) 202-225-4146 419-259-7500 Click here for email
Dennis J. Kucinich (D-10) 202-225-5871 440-845-2707 Click here for email
Tim Ryan (D-17) 202-225-5261 330-373-0074 Click here for email

Earl Blumenauer (D-03) 202-225-4811 503-231-2300 Click here for email
Peter A. DeFazio (D-04) 202-225-6416 541-440-3523 Click here for email
Kurt Schrader (D-05) 202-225-5711 503-588-9100 Click here for email

Jason Altmire* (D-04) 202-225-2565 724-226-1304 Click here for email
Charlie Dent* (R-15) 202-225-6411 610-861-9734 Click here for email
Tim Holden (D-17) 202-225-5546 717-234-5904 Click here for email

South Carolina
James E. Clyburn (D-06) 202-225-3315 843-529-2708 Click here for email

Al Green (D-09) 202-225-7508 713-383-9234 Click here for email
Ruben Hinojosa (D-15) 202-225-2531 956-682-5545 Click here for email
Silvestre Reyes (D-16) 202-225-4831 915-534-4400 Click here for email
Sheila Jackson Lee (D-18) 202-225-3816 713-655-0050 Click here for email
Charles A. Gonzalez (D-20) 202-225-3236 210-472-6195 Click here for email
Lloyd Doggett (D-25) 202-225-4865 512-916-5921 Click here for email
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-30) 202-225-8885 214-922-8885 Click here for email

Jim Matheson (D-02) 202-225-3011 801-486-1236 Click here for email

Norm Dicks (D-06) 202-225-5916 360-479-4011 Click here for email

Ron Kind (D-03) 202-225-5506 608-782-2558 Click here for email

I know, I know, ENDA's not going anywhere in the current Republican-majority. But it's the principle of the thing, and the Republicans aren't always going to be a majority. I don't want any weak-kneed, backsliding Congressmembers slinking away from supporting our rights, making our job harder when we do finally get back a Democratic majority. I want this to be automatic behavior. So call them and ask why they're not co-sponsoring. Be nice -- it's probably just be an oversight.

*These members did not co-sponsor, but they or their offices indicated at some point that they would support the bill.

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Great list. I'm confident that many of these congressment will support ENDA; after all, ENDA hasn't been getting much publicity lately, so it makes sense to me that some of them just don't know that it has been reintroduced, or have been too busy to look at it, etc. For instance, I'm quite confident that Reps. Himes and Murphy of Connecticut will support this important legislation - but I'm still going to give them a call to make sure.

Thanks, Alexandra. We have to start campaigning now for when the Dems come rumbling back into town. It'll be too late to revv up a campaign then, and they have to see that there's support even in the lean years.

It's time to stop counting Democrats. The number of Democrats who support or oppose this bill is irrelevant. The Democratic Party, as a whole, opposes this bill and that is why is has not passed in nearly 40 years.

It's time to recognize that the Democrats are NOT our allies on this issue. And quite frankly we don't need them. Our allies are in unions, in universities, in factories, in fields, in the streets, in cafeterias, in day labor camps, in mosques, in synagogues, in churches, in classrooms, in offices, on stage, in our neighborhoods. It's time to stop counting on the Democrats. Haven't they played us for fools enough?

The Gay Inc way of "lobbying for human rights" is and always was a failure. If you want to know how people win rights, we need to follow the example of Egypt and Tunisia.

Lonnie, I sympathize with your point that the Dems betrayed us, but I can't help feeling that a Libyan or Egyptian-style uprising is an illogical solution to the problem. The reason that we didn't get ENDA is that there isn't enough public outcry in the first place, and those friends in unions, factories and classrooms didn't say boo as ENDA lay dying. Do you think they're going to stand in the public square for it?

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | April 9, 2011 11:15 AM

I disagree.

One, the uprising in Madison and the million plus unionists who demonstrated this last monday are duplicating the tactics and strategy used in Egypt and the Arab/muslim world. With this key difference - Americans aren't as desperate as the workers, farmers, feminists, students, youth and 'common' soldiors who are fueling the rebellions there. Yet. Between a Republican House, a Democrat Seante and Obama, they'll deepen the depression even further.

Two, the reason we didn't get ENDA is not unions, its Democrats like Frank, H. Clinton, Reid, Pelosi and especially Obama, and their Republican cousins who blocked it every step of the way for almost 20 years.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | April 8, 2011 2:32 AM

ENDA didn't pass and DOMA didn't get repealed because the Democratic (sic) Party is larded up with bigots, beginning with the bigot who sabotaged same sex marriage in 2008 in California, Obama, and the bigot who voted for Clinton's DADT and DOMA in the Senate, Biden.

There are a lot more DNC, DLC, Dixiecrat and blue dog Congressional bigots feeding at the same trough as Obama and Biden. They passed the tepid hate crimes bill only after the National Equality March made them wet their pants. Then they boxed themselves into a corner and repealed DADT because they need more cannon fodder for Obama's growing list of wars to steal other peoples oil and resources.

Democrats have no intention of passing ENDA or repealing Democrat Bill Clintons DOMA and never did.

For years one of the reasons Democrats felt safe in betraying us over and over again is that they knew sellouts like Solmonese would continue to heap praise on them and make excuses for whatever they did. People like that embolden bigots in both parties.

Mass actions like the National Equality March and direct actions have the opposite effect, they put bigots on the spot.

The period when we put any faith in HRC sellouts ended when LGBT folks began to tally up the Democrats record in the last Congress and concluded that Democrats did little to make our lives better.

The hate crimes act is ineffective and largely ignored. DADT repeal does nothing to end the bigotry, harassment and violence promoted by the christer officer class except that dismissal is not longer automatic.

At the same time millions got to see Obama in action, defending DADT and DOMA in court, hopping in bed with scum like Warren and McClurkin and always, always standing in the way, blocking repeal of DOMA and passage of ENDA. Even before the election he sabotaged same sex marriage in California. Those hard lessons in reality alienated millions and their verdict humiliated and devastated Democrats. In 2010 29 million Obama 2008 voters declined to be Obama's pawns and deserted him and his party.

In our community larger and larger numbers are turning away from front groups like HRC. Having learned the hard way the futility of depending on parties run by bigots, they're embracing militancy, direct action and mass action.

In other communities the same process is well underway. Democrats, because they betrayed health care, unions, the antiwar struggle, civil liberties, fair treatment for immigrant and imported workers, women's reproductive rights and a host of other issues, are massively discredited. And so are Republicans because they don't even pretend to be on our side. In that, at least, they're far more honest than Democrats.

Some idiots thought that Republicans would do a little better than Democrats. After last fall's disaster for the Jackass Party Gallup noted in December, 2010 that "Congress' Job Approval Rating Worst in Gallup History Thirteen percent approve of the way Congress is handling its job - Americans' assessment of Congress has hit a new low, with 13% saying they approve of the way Congress is handling its job." That's an 83% disapproval rating for the Democrats handing of Congress. But they soon sobered up and on March 11, 2011 Gallup noted that "Congressional Approval Back Below 20% - Congress' approval rating is down to 18% after being in the 20% range the first two months of the year, and is essentially back to where it was just after last November's midterm elections."

If there's a shutdown or if Obama caves to the Teabaggers again, as he did on tax cuts for the rich his and Congresses' numbers will drop even further.

We need to adopt the mass action tactics of the union movement who yesterday drew a million people into well over 1200 rallies and demonstrations across the nation.

I agree on mass tactics, Bill. The only problem is that most people aren't that het up (pardon the pun) about our problems.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | April 9, 2011 11:01 AM

Thats because Democrat front groups like Stonewall, No on 8, EQCA, HRC and Democrat quislings like Frank have been able to sabotage prospects for mass action in the past.

Since the highly sucessful NEM, the humiliating 30 million vote loss by Democrats last fall, the examples of mass action in the Arab Muslim world and in American trade unions that is no longer the case.

Whether they win or lose elections, the Democrats no longer have the power to prevent mass actions. They're extinct.

All these developments are based on the radicalization and the global depression that began in 2007.

So why do you think these 59 former co-sponsors didn't do it this year? With St. Barney desperately scrambling to find co-sponsors, none of these people would sign on this time?

Well, Bil, I imagine that it's more convenient for some of them to ignore the call in the current climate. I would imagine that some are less than enthusiastic to be tied to Barney Frank, who's been demonized by the right.

I'm confident that Congresswoman Brown from Florida and newly elected Congresswoman Frederica Brown will be joining as ENDA co-sponsors in the very near future.

Before our community starts to turn ugly against Democrats not returning as co-sponsors, make certain you do you homework and be sure that it was not a simple oversight stemming from members still working on staffing and assignments.

I work closely with several offices on the Hill and this is often the case.

Sometimes it is just as simple as that, Michael. Congressmembers are human beings, and the workload is overwhelming. I suspect that it's half inattention and half desire to avoid this issue in the current climate.

I meant to state Congresswomen Corrine Brown and Frederica Wilson.

Johnny K. | April 8, 2011 1:11 PM

For the most part, these seem to be the most socially liberal members of the House. Tough to believe they don't care, as opposed to fatalistically (realistically) deciding that even if there were 218 sponsors, it'd never be voted upon.

Agreed, Johnny, so all the more reason to ensure that we bank these legislators now to ensure their cooperation when the Dems come rumbling back into town

Agreed, Johnny, so all the more reason to ensure that we bank these legislators now to ensure their cooperation when the Dems come rumbling back into town