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Hundreds Show Up at London Kiss-In

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 17, 2011 5:30 PM | comments

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Pink News reports hundreds went to a kiss-in in front of a Soho pub diverted-homophobia.jpgthat kicked out a gay couple for kissing in the pub:

The protest-come-party, originally planned as a 'gay kiss-in' from within the venue, was re-located to outside the pub after the establishment's management decided to close it for the day at 3pm.

One protester pinned a rainbow flag to the door frame of the pub, while others posted flyers of men in varying states of undress to the windows. Another man held a placard saying "I want to blow you all" in large letters with "(a small kiss)" written much smaller below.

According to Twitterers, the pub closed in the middle of the afternoon to keep the kiss-in out:

They've kicked out everyone drinking in there and are now turning away anyone who tries to get in.

The BBC has video. Looks like the protest turned out awesomely.

img via twitter

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dharmapupil | April 18, 2011 5:24 AM

And Facebook got their panties in a wad and took down a picture of two guys kissing from the kiss-in as " graphic or sexually suggestive content..."
Here's the link to their website

And here's the link to their Facebook site

dharmapupil | April 18, 2011 5:43 AM

This is great to hear about.
Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, Facebook has their panties in a wad over a photo from the kiss-in posted by Dangerous Minds blog, declaring it too graphic or sexually suggestive. See it for yourself here: