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If Congress Actually Represented America

Filed By Bil Browning | April 12, 2011 3:30 PM | comments

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Fascinating and sad. Check out this graphic from Think Progress's photo stream showing what Congress would look like if it was actually representative of the American people. Clickety to embiggen.


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Link not work. Mike SMASH!

That's just sad. I wonder if our Congress looks this way because of the way the lines are drawn on our Congressional Districts OR if it is deeper than that and the other races, creeds, religions, etc. just don't get out and vote enough.

It's too bad that we are not represented by people who we'd actually hang around.

Leigh Anne | April 12, 2011 4:20 PM

Why stop there? Thanks to the Census Bureau, we have lots more demographic data we can use! How about income? Congress should represent the poor! And there wouldn't be ANY room for billionaires; too few in the general population. So long, Koch brothers!

And we should have some elderly, in poor health!People who can't find Nebraska on a map! Others that think same-sex marriage is already the law of the land!

In reality, we are Plato's worst fear: Tyranny by the prejudiced, ignorant, generally silent majority -- of voters.

If they actually represented America we we have much less bitterness.

Everyday I think that representation by lottery sounds better and better.

Even the graphic itself sucks -- under Religion, Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world, is umbrella-ed under "Other Faiths" .. I'd understand this if there were not room in the box to list another religion -- but there is.

And then the category "Other" ... even for the graphic, the terms "Atheist/Agnostic" are political no-no's.

P.S. With any population that is growing rapidly, such as the Hispanic/Latino population, we can't expect that they will be immediately represented percentage-wise. It's rather difficult to start a political campaign the day after you get naturalized -- there is a political learning curve involved, and it doesn't happen instantly. And then, the campaigns themselves take up time, sometimes as much as a year. That's as much a mathematical fact as it is a political one.

That's cute, but let's look at what the parties represent. Just identifying with them doesn't mean someone supports their actions.