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Maggie Gallagher: Don't Hate!

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 25, 2011 7:30 AM | comments

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"And if you see a difference [between gay and straight couples], there is something wrong with you. You are like a bigot who is opposed to interracial marriage. If you want to know how same-sex marriage is going to affect traditional believers, mainstream Christians and other faith communities, ask yourself how do we treat racists who are opposed to interracial marriage in the public square."

--Maggie Gallagher, who seems to think there's something fundamentally unfair about the way racists are treated

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Did she just make our argument for us, or am I missing something?

I was thinking the same thing...

Bigots never see themselves as bigots. It's always the other guy.

Just another harmless observation by Maggie Gallagher, proponent of special rights for straight people.

Maggie and her lot feel that the comparison to anti-interracial-marriage bigots is unfair. She's not necessarily implying that racists are treated unfairly.

Translation: "This thing that seems perfectly right and reasonable to you -- being against same sex marriage -- is going to become socially unacceptable, and people will think you are a bad person just like those racists against interracial marriage are bad people."

So both Maggie and we agree that it's going to become more and more socially unacceptable to be against marriage equality; it's just that she thinks that should not be true and we think it should.

For some reason, she also thinks that whether anti-LGBT bigots are seen as bad people is directly tied to the current state of the legal battles over marriage equality. It's called a "culture" war and not a "legal" war for a reason, Maggie.

We should let Maggie keep making our points absolutely clear! If you see it from the perspective of an interracial marriage, then you could see that being a bigot is being a bigot! Maybe, Maggie has a problem with interracial marriage though?

John Gagon | April 27, 2011 1:11 AM

She's basically saying "The sky is falling! That is, unless you do something to keep us from falling into that class of poor dear folks who get called racist for hating coloreds! (so unfair!) Be prepared cause they're out to get you and you can't look like that and we can't afford to look as hateful as we really might feel which is our mainstream granted right!"

Does anyone really take pride in that label "mainstream" anymore? It's like saying "look here! I'm a corporate tool and one of the tyrants of the majority who lucked out at birth". Problem is, the mainstream is quickly becoming sidestream and smelling like it.