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New Condom Makes Your Wang Bigger & Harder?

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It sounds like the subject line of a spam e-mail, but a new condom is supposed to make your penis bigger and harder Box of Condomswhen you wear it. The rubber will be distributed by Durex.

CSD500, our Condom Safety Device is a condom developed for use by healthy men. The product incorporates an erectogenic compound to help men maintain a firmer erection during intercourse whilst wearing a condom. The gel is to be licensed under the trademarked brand name of Zanifil®.

By applying the CSD500 condom, a pharmacological dose contained within the teat of the condom will be delivered to the penis. This has been clinically proven to increase local blood flow within the penis which in turn leads to increased firmness, increased penile size and longer duration of an erection.
In a double blind clinical study comparing CSD500 against a standard condom co-sponsored by Futura, of those who expressed a preference, a significant proportion of both men and women reported improvements in the firmness of the man's erection during intercourse when using CSD500, compared against a standard condom. A result that was highly statistically significant. Furthermore, of those who expressed a preference, a significant proportion of both men and women also felt that CSD500 increased the penis size and a significant proportion of women reported a longer lasting sexual experience with CSD500.

No word yet on when the condom will actually hit the market. (img src)

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"erectogenic"? really?

But I hope this is real. This is one of the big reasons people don't use condoms.

This thing has been kicking around since 2007, and still they do not have approval for sale in Europe. If you read all of their literature the only mention of the US is on the patent, not that they have submitted anything to the FDA for approval for sale in the US.

If you search and PubMed there is no mention of zanifil in any trial or journal article. And if you read the press releases, there was no objective measure of bigger/harder, only belief by the participants that was the case. And it was in comparison with the "standard" condom, whatever that was. Perhaps the evaluation would have been different if participants were allowed to choose their favorite condom as the comparison.

I doubt that you will be able to legally buy this in the US any time soon. And if you could, buyer beware.