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Site News: Bilerico Project Has Been Sold

Filed By Bil Browning | April 01, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Today I'm pleased to announce that Bilerico Project will be joining the AOL family of blogs. The media giant, which recently purchased the Huffington Post and some other properties, wants to expand it's reach into the LGBT market. The purchase price is $12 million dollars.

Bilerico started in September 2004 as my personal blog and has slowly morphed into one of the web's largest and most popular LGBT news and opinion sites. red sold signI've been incredibly proud of our growth and award-winning content and I'm confident that AOL will continue our proud tradition of respecting and welcoming all people to join us in discussing the LGBT movement.

Alex Blaze, our managing editor, will be sharing the proceeds of the sale with co-founder Jerame Davis and me. The three of us will be leaving the editorial staff of Bilerico and Mike Rogers, formerly of BlogActive and a co-owner of RawStory, will be taking the reigns. Rogers, already a Bilerico contributor, will be assuming control on Monday morning.

"Having helped to build my site into a well-known news service, I am looking forward to using my skills to elevate Bilerico to a new level within the AOL structure," Rogers said. "I understand that there will undoubtedly be disappointments as we move to restructure the site. Approximately 38% of current contributors will be removed, but we'll be bringing in new star bloggers like Andrew Brietbart and our new managing editor, Chris Barron."

After the concerns of bloggers at Huffington Post who weren't given any of the payout of that site's sale, Bilerico will compensate our contributors as part of the sale. We are going back to the site's creation and will pay each contributor $0.28 per article they have written.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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Well, congrats on the payout for all your hard work! It would be interesting to know what new projects you and Alex are moving on to. I so hate to see both of you go.

On the down side, this is one of the only two gay sites that I like, and the only one that covers trans issues, so I really hate to see it go. I guess at least I will waste less time online at work (though I am sure in reality I will just find another way to procrastinate, lol!).

Good luck to you and Jerame!

Carol :)

This better be an April Fool's joke. Knowing you Bil, that's what I'm betting.

Wow, I am so naive! (blushes) I didnt even think of that.

Still, I hope it *is* true! I'd love to see these guys get rewarded for what they have done. And I know that whatever they moved on to do would be at least as big a contribution to the gay and trans worlds as what they have done here.

At least I got the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy I get any points for *that*?

me too. i had a lil' bit of a heart attack... oy. i'm so gullible

For a second I was like...Bil is a millionaire!! Congrats.....but then I was like...You bastard! Good one:)

Where should I send your $11.20, Birdie?

You had me until you got to the bit about Andrew Brietbart.

Wow, I totally missed that! I didn't even read the corpspeak about the 'new' Bilerico, 'cause I was pretty sure that if AOL was involved, the site was going to become crap.

Kathy Padilla | April 1, 2011 11:37 AM

I am equally pleased to announce Bil's multimillion dollar start up investment in my new, improved cold fusion generator. (Bil - you're too modest! Take a bow!)

Our new concept will allow off the grid completely clean energy for all homes, apartments, vehicles and portable emergency and off road uses. With our proprietary catalyst, water and a small battery source - clean energy can be derived from generators as small as a large take out coffee container.

We are in talks to firm up a distribution deal through Starbucks for both initial purchases and refueling.

Ground floor participation opportunities still exist for discerning investors.

I'm taking my millions and buying my own private island. There I will hunt the most dangerous game....

Kathy Padilla | April 1, 2011 11:43 AM

Ah - a new reality show. Will you be stocking the preserve with apprentice grads?

Bilerico "alumni" I'm so shocked no one ever asked where old Bilerico contributors went. Now you know.

You do realize that once I finish the sail woven from coconut fibers and some short and curlies that I'm going to sail back to the mainland and change the rules a bit, don't you?

Loved that story - a classic!

Also, I'll take my $18.48 in singles and coins, please. Makes it seem, um, heftier.

Bil meant that would be in 2004 dollars. So that's actually $15.16.

Oh, well - okay, well, that's lunch at the place we went to. Lunch for one, that is. And a slice of that cake to share :-)


Does this mean you and Jerame will have a guest room and not a guest couch?

I think I contributed once a few years ago -- waiting for my 28 cents. :)

Sorry Rebecca, but we can't afford to pay everyone!

When we figured up our formula though, we did figure in for guest bloggers. For each guest post an author wrote for Bilerico, we're going to give them a coupon for fifty cents off of a box of Hamburger Helper. This coupon, if redeemed, is technically higher than the .28 each regular contributor is getting and has caused quite a bit of controversy amongst the editorial team.

In the end, we realized we only cared about the other $11.99 million and decided to throw one coupon in each contributors paycheck envelope and let it surprise them.

Now the secret's out. Thanks, Rebecca. You had to be the first greedy guest poster, eh?

You can apologize to me in my cabana in Curacao, but I'll only be accepting visitors from 2-3pm on Wednesdays.

Yep, the Andrew Brietbart part should have tipped me off. Good one Bil!

This is the best April Fool's I've seen...but do you think it's possible you may have a put an idea in Arianna's head?...I mean, every big media site does need to have some good LGBT content :)

Uh... Aprils fool joke? But the IRS has already asked me for 12 cents and the state has asked for 1.37 for income tax... 1.49... I would only have gotten 56 cents...

Bil I liked the joke but I hope you didn't short yourself by putting such a low value on Bilerico. Considering what internet startups like facebook are worth I'd have given you a value over 100 million.But in the end I am glad it was a joke even if it hurts your resale vale. I believe it isn't about the money for you its about your passion and I respect that. Now about that transgender thing.....

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | April 1, 2011 1:40 PM

That's WONDERFUL news, Bil, Jerame and Alex. I got so excited at seeing the news of your newfound forture on my cell phone up here at the Minneapolis airport terminal that I accidentally dropped it into the commode just as an undercover cop asked me if I could spare some change. I gave him your number and ran to catch my flight.

Want your cell phone back, Don? ... I think I saw it last night lying on the bank of Fall Creek just a few feet away from a sewer outlet near the Capitol Avenue bridge ... just like a faithful little puppy, you carried it all the way to Minnesota, flushed it down a commode, and it found its way back home ...

(And please, Don, don't ask me what I was doing last night under the Capitol Avenue bridge ...)

Ronald Gold is going to be the new editor.

Please don't ever sell to a media giant like AOL for real -- if that happened, I could never again post comments as crass, gross, stupid, and tongue-in-cheek as I do now.

(By the way, if it weren't for me and my constant comments, they might have offered you $18 million. Just sayin' ...)

I trust, Bil, that when you receive visitors in your cabana you will be wearing a cabana set. With a dollar-sign motif.

and brown shoes with tan socks

Happy for you, Bil, but I'll no longer be reading the Project.

you fucker. I just remembered what day it is. And I swore I wasn't going to believe a word anyone said.

Om Kalthoum | April 2, 2011 1:17 AM

Okay, I bought it lock, stock and whatever until I got to the part about $0.28 per article. And I'm actually sitting there with my calculator, thinking, wow, how could that be? Never mind.

Om Kalthoum | April 2, 2011 1:18 AM

Okay, I bought it lock, stock and whatever until I got to the part about $0.28 per article. And I'm actually sitting there with my calculator, thinking, wow, how could that be? Never mind.

Geez, Bil! I read the article in the daily Digest and came to the site to unsubscribe. All day yesterday I was on guard for jokes, but this one hit my mailbox this morning. I wasn't ready for it! Shame on you for scaring an old lady!

John Gagon | April 2, 2011 12:29 PM

Nooooooooooooooooo! Not AOL :'O I'm devastated. Why! Why! Why!

Bil, as much as I like Chris Barron, I am glad this was an April fools joke. As for Andrew B., he seems good @ wrangling pissed off "liberals" which I think there would have been a lot of if this sale were real. Keep up the good work!

the_czarina the_czarina | April 2, 2011 6:27 PM

"Today I'm pleased to announce that Bilerico Project will be joining the AOL family of blogs"

A natural skeptic and cynic, knowing what day it was, I was fully aware of Bil's intent from 2/3 of the way through this sentence - reading on for the enjoyment; with curiousity at how he'd continue to reel it out.

Kinda cute that folks fell for any of it.
So, good job, Bil!

John R. Selig | April 2, 2011 10:00 PM

The Daily Queer News listserv actually included this sotry in their news feed today. A lmost feel for it because it came from the listserv until I noticed the April 1st date. Alex I loved you comment about buying an Island. Bil, how generous of you for the $.28 per article!

This mad my day.

28 cents per article? I thought Bil is taking cues from some of my publishers. {groan}

very good one, Bil.

Well-thought out, had me...I suppose if I'd read this on the first, it might have registered right away.

I guess commenters get zilch, eh?