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Texas Wants Colleges to Promote Heterosexuality

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Texas's house passed an amendment, 110-24, that sounds like it was written by the guy Karen just posted on:

Wayne-Christian.jpgWhile many members in the chamber cracked jokes and guffawed, the amendment's author, Rep. Wayne Christian, said the University of Texas, Texas A&M and "some other schools" have centers promoting "alternative sexual practices."

"I'm not treading on their rights to that, to teach alternative sexual behavior," said Christian, R-Center (right). But he said they must match it, dollar for dollar, with advocating heterosexual, "traditional values."

Christian's amendment speaks of any center "for students focused on gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual, transgender, gender questioning, or other gender identity issues."

I'm guessing they didn't even bother to define "traditional values" in the bill, which will make it easier for people who actually work at universities and understand how they work to roll their eyes and move on. It's hard to see what schools could do to promote heterosexuality.

However this gets implemented, should it pass, it's still a reminder that the cranks who get angry while Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck is demagoguing some situation they've already misrepresented actually do exist and have some power. While most people would look at that amendment and ask how a school can promote any sexual orientation, much less be part of a cabal working to convert America's youth to homo-/pansexuality, these people get it because they're living in an alternate universe.

Eventually, though, this law could reach someone in the real world who knows how the world works who'll have to decipher what the legislators meant in the first place. Should a university invite ex-gay therapists on campus? Or allow a hate group to spread propaganda? Neither of those will particularly promote heterosexuality, but, well, that's what happens when half of American politics has gone insane.

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What we can show is that every Pan-Hellenic Council activity, every sports activity, every history course teaching a religion all promote heterosexuality and the LGBT are severely underfunded by factors of thousands to one. If the law says match it dollar for dollar, then lets make sure LGBT gets equal funding by upping how much they get.

Seriously, if thats what the law says, who are we to question it?
Dollar for dollar?
Lets see, dances, homecoming, prom...oh, any sporting event where cheerleaders are present (can you say KA-CHING!) are a good start.

So, wow... millions of dollars are spent on 'advocating traditional hetrosexuality' and these clueless bastards don't even understand that.

So, I'll take my share in large bills please in a plain brown paperbag.

Paige Listerud | April 4, 2011 10:58 PM

There's no shortage of heterosexuality in the world. But there is a shortage of a certain right wing religious heterosexual lifestyle, as the Christian Right promotes it. Now they want funds to promote a proscriptive lifestyle that the majority heterosexuals have found so unpalatable and unrealistic, they've willingly abandoned it in overwhelming numbers--and even the religious right's own heterosexuals don't keep to its provisions very well. Why would the state fund something doomed to failure from the get-go?

Oh, yeah, I forgot, we're in three endless wars and a nonsensical, endless "war on drugs." Please excuse my naivete.

Perhaps we should be cutting Hetero-advocating curriculum to match the LGBT-advocating curriculum funding. Think of how we could also have a positive impact on the national debt. What a place to make a funding cut. Equality for all!!

So in other words to do one requires matching funds. Ok as I see it in a heterosexual world they have to do nothing. Most colleges have programs in place for the hetero world already.

If that is not enough to ignore this bill then the mere fact he said teach the behavior. No one taught me to be gay. So in my eyes the point is moot.

It is a bigoted bill.

Is this a late April Fool's Day joke?!
And if it isn't, what doesn't it mean for univesities that haven't got a GLBT-program and only teach on heteroseksual issues. Should they match every dollar too towards GLBT issues.