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The J. Crew Transgender Plot to Destroy America

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 12, 2011 6:00 PM | comments

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It looks like not only do the wingnuts know that trans people exist now, but they're learning how to make everythingjcrew.jpg about trans people in the same way they've been making everything about gay people for four decades. Here's a certified Fox News doctor and a wingnut nonprofit worker talking about the ad on the right:

"This is a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity," psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow wrote in a Health column about the ad.

Media Research Center's Erin Brown agreed, calling the ad "blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children."

"Not only is Beckett likely to change his favorite color as early as tomorrow, Jenna's indulgence (or encouragement) could make life hard for the boy in the future," Brown wrote in an opinion piece Friday. "J.CREW, known for its tasteful and modest clothing, apparently does not mind exploiting Beckett behind the facade of liberal, transgendered identity politics."

Ablow's column is a piece of work if you like crazy. He blames transsexualism on Prozac and YouTube.

I suppose attacking gay people is loosing its sting. But the only thing that ad is a "dramatic example" of is how some people are so uptight about gender rules that they wet their pants when a little kid paints himself the wrong color. img via towleroad

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At the very least, I am encouraged by the fact that the majority of the commenters on the article at Fox News are ridiculing or countering his argument.

I was actually shocked to see that, as well! I guess even Fox News groupies can only take so much of the lies.

This one might be a little too Tinky-Winky even for those folks.

It's interesting to note that this exact same ad 10 years ago -- or realistically even 4 years ago -- would have inspired an anti-gay rant where the bigots assume the child is gay or that the pink toenail polish would make him gay.

I think that's a pretty disturbing indication of how effective "Gay Incorporated" has been at converting homophobia into transphobia in order to achieve the assimilation of heteronormative upper-class cis gays into the power elite.

I left them this comment:
This story reads like something the Onion would report of course we all know the onion is more accurate then fox news. I didn't get my toenails painted at five years old matter of fact I played war, cowboys and indians and little league baseball. My parents were very conservative and I couldn't talk to them about my needs for fear of child abuse. Then at 17 I joined I joined The US Army as an Infantryman and carried an M60 machine gun for three years. All of that and I always knew that I was a female trapped in a males body. Painting a little boys nails pink won't turn him into a transsexual but believing fox news will turn you into an idiot with an inferiority complex.

Read more:

YouTube didn't exist when I prayed to God to turn me into a girl in 1956. I doubt prozac existed, but I don't know. How does he explain that?

I sent this to him on his website. He pissed me off.

"Dr." (?)
What's wrong with you? I saw the piece where you went bonkers on a boy getting pink nail polish. You blamed transgenderism on YouTube and prozac? Where was YouTube and prozac when Christine Jorgenson got her surgery in NINETEEN FIFTY TWO? (1952) Where was YouTube and prozac four years later when I prayed to God to turn me into a girl? It seems you need to get a 21st Century refresher course on psychiatry. Next time you want to spout off about something you don't know about, you may want to do your research first.

Monica Helms
President, Transgender American Veterans Association

The Good Morning America story about it was hilarious.

They actually quoted someone from the Fox comment thread; it's priceless.

One of Brown's online readers wrote, "A small child, with no secondary sexual characteristics, cannot be considered 'transgendered' or even a transvestite. On the other hand, a fully grown person such as yourself can definitely be considered a small-minded a**hole."

Stupid wingnut paranoia about a cute ad.

But I do find it interesting, in all the conversations I've read about it since it appeared a few days ago, much effort has been made to say "this child isn't trans just because they like pink nail polish" as if being identified as trans or identified as such is the worse thing which could befall a child. Maybe this little peanut is trans (I know I was at that age). And maybe this little kiddle is girl ID'd. Good for them if they are (and good if they're not too).

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