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Video: Trans Victim of McDonalds Attack Speaks

Filed By Bil Browning | April 24, 2011 12:00 PM | comments

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The victim of last week's vicious attack at a Baltimore McDonalds is speaking to the media. Crissy Lee Polis, a transgender woman who was severely beaten by two teenagers, spoke with the Baltimore Sun about the incident and what led up to it.


Both perpetrators have been arrested; one is 14 years old and the other is 18. The McDonalds employee who filmed the assault but didn't intervene has been fired. Vernon Hackett posted the video online with transphobic remarks shortly after the incident and can be heard on tape laughing and warning the attackers to flee because the police had been called.

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Bil I would like to point out to you that in none of the stories I have read or seen posted have I heard her refer to being transgender identified. Her brother calls her his sister and she says that she underwent a sexchange to become a woman. There are other incidences that I can point to where the LGBT and mainstream media falsely and I think liabeliously label post-op women as being transgender and LGBT associated even when they clearly state they are not.

Apparently, you aren't learning anything from this horrible event. It doesn't matter what you want to label yourself, or whether you are post-op or not, you can still get you ass beaten up by the stupid people who don't give a damn what is or is not in your panties. THEY don't see or care about the difference. And, that is what a lot of people with your attitude just don't seem to get.

Or maybe something you seem to not consider Monica is that we do get it and maybe even better than you do.If you really got it you wouldn't be pushing more labels you'd realize they are what got us here in the first place. Our condition is a medical one as such it entitles us to rights of privacy.Labelling someone post-op or even going through the process as anything but the gender they and their doctors label them is a violation of that right to privacy and possibly even practicing medicine without a license.It is also the same logic that girl and woman used to feel entitled to beat the crap out of that woman.They made a medical decision in deciding she wasn't female and that beating her for it was the appropriate cure.

No matter what surgeries you have and how many labels you want to use, it will not stop a bullet from a bigot's gun if he knows. That is evident many of times on the Remembering Our Dead list. Maybe you should be more concerned with the victim's physical and emotional well-being rather than your own personal label war.

Have you spent any effort reaching out to her? Don't you think your time would be better spent comforting her rather than getting upset on what labels people are using? If she speaks the same "language" as you, don't you think that she could use a friend about now? I'll bet she's on Facebook. You would be perfect to comfort her.

You might be surprised to find this out Monica but I have reached out to help other Transsexual and even Transgender Identified individuals.
Also that if I wasn't concerned for her emotional well being I wouldn't be having this label discussion because I wouldn't care how badly it effects some peoples well being.Permanently labelling someone as neither male,female or even human being which is what calling them an umbrella term (Transgender) does is damaging to peoples well being.Monica it is beyond me that as a supposed community leader you can't figure that out even worse as a Veteran you don't get it.Labels kill people it dehumanizes them- nip,jap,jew,homosexual,gay,lesbian,bisexual,transgender,transsexual,fag,queer, and the list goes on and on.

I take it that white, Christian, heterosexual, cisgender male isn't a label because it sure ain't dehumanizing them.

Let's not start the transexual vs Transgender shit again please. Take it off site.

Brandigirl | April 24, 2011 4:16 PM

amym440 Your are completing right she's not Trans anything she's moved passed that but for the vast majority of Transgender people they can't understand how a TS women can move on, because for them their whole Identity is wrap up in being trans without it they're lives are pointless. Obviously this women doesn't think of herself as trans and she all but says so in the interview. She is a part of a very little heard from part of the Transsexual community the part that goes through the process to reclaim their Identity and then melts back into society, not unlike myself.

But Thanks to the Horn blowing from EQ Maryland and them labeling her Trans they can squeeze a few miles out of this and coop her Identity the same way the transgender Community has co-oped the GID Diagnosis.

Thanks for all the follow-up postings. Several people expressed outrage on my Facebook page when I posted the original blog entry.

This is terrible! Trans-phobic people view transsexual people as subhuman, but the really inhuman ones here are the people that just stood and watched and didn't do anything. Thank you for blogging about this!

Rick Sutton | April 24, 2011 5:28 PM

I don't know about the identification of this woman either. But assault is assault. I'm not sure that the victim's gender identification is even important.

And who appointed the assaulter's boyfriend, as Lord God Almighty and Guardian of the Restroom? (Was the boyfriend also a McD employee? Can't really tell)

She has one hell of a civil lawsuit against McD. Sometimes the only thing big corporations understand, is when they have to write a check.

great to see that she's doing better

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I found this over at

Sadly I am not surprised by the instantaneously exploitative reaction by the TG Mafia/"leadership" in plastering this unfortunate example of just how uncivilized and animalistic some segments of our society have become, all over the TG Ghetto.

The ONLY reason this video is so popular, why it is even of note, is that the victim has a TS history. I find it MOST interesting that the media has not yet taken note that Teonna Monae Brown, 18 ( the alleged perp), who was charged with three assault counts for allegedly attacking Chrissy Lee Polis, 22, WAS PREVIOUSLY CHARGED with assaulting Danielle Dower, 38, last July, IN THE VERY SAME McD's!!! As I have said before and I will say AGAIN, THIS IS NOT about the victim's MEDICAL HISTORY. This is about a BULLY.

Teonna Monae Brown is a BULLY. She has a criminal HISTORY of assault. She was arrested last year for assaulting a woman following a dispute in the same restaurant. For some reason, those charges were not pursued.

"... Brown “kept trying to badger us...At one point...the teenager “pushed me in the back....then, Brown took her fist and threw a punch to my face.” said the victim, Danielle Dower, 38, who was hit in the back with an umbrella while trying to protect her two small children. In this prior incident which occurred in July, 2010, Brown and a female cohort were identified by a cop “from prior contacts from prior incidents,” according to a Baltimore County Police Department report. So what happened to Chrissy Polis, IS NOT ABOUT public accommodations for TG, (P/A). This vicious attack is just part of a pathological pattern of attacks perpetrated by Teonna Monae Brown and her gang of bullies.
What is also apparent from the cookie cutter. knee jerk reaction of the TG Mafia Leadership falling and tripping over one another to EXPLOIT this clear UNRELATED attack on a young woman for the benefit of cross dressers and transvestites, IS ITS OUTRIGHT HYPOCRACY.

WHAT IS EVEN MORE DISPICABLE is that Chrissy's right to PRIVACY is now TOAST

I tend to agree with this point of view.

I think that the mangaer and the employs should arrest and fired from there job one they didn't do shit but say stopp!! What the fuck is that going to do.a old women had to do all the stoping. And I also thing that the mangaer and employes was the friend of this disreatful three girls that beat the fuck out of one girl. To big of pussy to fight one on one LETS SEE THEM DUMB BITCHES COME DO THAT TO SOMEONE AROUND ME I would slam a girl for the first time in my life NOT COOL!!!!!!!!