May 13, 2011

Queer Music Friday - Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday

Filed by Alex Blaze | May 13, 2011 | 5:00 PM | comments

Here's Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday's anthem to people who dare to be different (from way back before Glee existed), "AOK." As Jackson put it in an interview with After Elton: "I hope those of you out there that are...Read More

Stalker Countersues Univ of Michigan Student Body President

Filed by Bil Browning | May 13, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

Remember Andrew Shirvell, the former Michigan Assistant Attorney General fired for harassing Chris Armstrong, the student body president of the University of Michigan? The stalker has countersued Armstrong now claiming he's the victim of "a homosexual activist agenda." Because, you...Read More

No Vote on Uganda Anti Homosexuality Bill

Filed by Karen Ocamb | May 13, 2011 | 3:00 PM | comments

Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin is reporting that the Ugandan Parliament has adjourned without taking a vote as expected on the horrific Anti Homosexuality Bill. Burroway cautions that there is a procedural way the bill could be revived in...Read More

Religion Does Not Equal Morality

Filed by Terrance Heath | May 13, 2011 | 2:00 PM | comments

PZ Meyers makes an excellent point about this horrific story. A young girl was found caged and attempting to eat herself in a mobile home in Virginia, and cops say her parents are responsible. The malnourished girl, believed to be...Read More

HIV Treatment Is a Form of HIV Prevention

Filed by Alex Blaze | May 13, 2011 | 1:00 PM | comments

As more and more states look into cutting HIV treatment assistance programs to balance their budgets, perhaps here's something for them to consider: HIV carriers who start treatment before the virus can ravage their immune systems are 96 per cent...Read More

Potosnak Files for 2012 Congressional Bid

Filed by Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | May 13, 2011 | 12:00 PM | comments

Ed Potosnak, the 2010 Democratic Nominee for United States Congress in NJ's 7th Congressional District, filed last week with the Federal Elections Commission to run in 2012. Mr. Potosnak, a newcomer to politics, received 40% of the votes in the...Read More

Ron Paul Is Running for Prez

Filed by Bil Browning | May 13, 2011 | 11:00 AM | comments

Since Ron Paul is older than Newt Gingrich, when the civil libertarian announced his candidacy for President of the United States this morning he didn't do it on that new-fangled Twitter box, he did it like a real Amurcan: He...Read More

Teachers Have Sex Too

Filed by Alex Blaze | May 13, 2011 | 9:30 AM | comments

Tracey Clark-Flory at Salon rounds up a few recent stories about teachers are getting criticism and losing their jobs for their off-the-job sexual activity: At no point was Buranich, who writes erotica as Judy Mays, in danger of losing her...Read More

Reluctance about Chaz Bono, 'The Reluctant Transgender Role Model'

Filed by Jessica Max Stein | May 13, 2011 | 8:30 AM | comments

Chaz Bono seems to be having his fifteen minutes of media, with the recent documentary Becoming Chaz, his new book Transition, and a flurry of accompanying publicity, including Cintra Wilson's dismaying New York Times Sunday Style section cover story "The...Read More

Lady Gaga Judas is Fine!

Filed by Michael Buckley | May 13, 2011 | 8:00 AM | comments

Jennifer Lopez has a big crotch, and Blake Shelton homophobic? Also, how creepy I am in this video? Too creepy or just creepy enough?...Read More


Wasilla High School Bans Freddie Mercury Song

Filed by Alex Blaze | May 13, 2011 | 7:30 AM | comments

"I felt like the school was discriminating for sexual orientation and I felt it was wrong. It's so stupid because there's nothing sexual in the song. There aren't even any cuss words." --Junior Casey Hight of Wasilla High School, who...Read More

Marriage Ad from Israel

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An ad for marriage freedom from Israel....Read More