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Country Star Blake Shelton's Homophobic Tweet

Filed By Jake Weinraub | May 05, 2011 5:00 PM | comments

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They say you can tell someone's true character by the way they tweet. Blake Shelton, country music star and judge on NBC's latest singing competition show The Voice tweeted a homophobic parody of Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine" Wednesday night:

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 11.56.33 AM.png

GLAAD, who previously applauded The Voice for its inclusion of openly-gay contestants, put out a call for accountability to Shelton for his words, demanding for Shelton to apologize.

In response, Shelton tweeted several textbook half-assed apologies, saying "honestly it wasn't mean that way" and "when it comes to gay/lesbian rights or just feelings... I love everybody. So go look for a real villain and leave me out of it!!!" In his most heartfelt of the tweets, Shelton writes:

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 12.52.28 PM.png

So the misunderstanding here is that he's *totally cool with gays* despite the tweet? Someone needs a lesson in intent vs. impact. It'll be interesting to see how the show's producers handle this one!

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Anybody got the recipe for southern fried douchebag? No,wait. Let me clarify so there's no misunderstanding. Blake Shelton is a douchebag.

Hate is intentional. If you do not believe your own words then why are they worth writing? I'd sooner believe in honesty at least then we could learn from one another. To censor ones self just to placate is not honesty.

I don't know -- just because a guy is cool about other guys being gay does not mean that his own "behind" is fair game. If he wants guys to keep their hands off, it's his behind and he has that right.

OTOH, Blake Shelton is one of the musical "coaches" on "The Voice" and I am pretty sure that he picked a contestant that was very openly gay -- so if he is indeed homophobic, he's got a bit of an education ahead of him -- not that I would expect this contestant to make a pass at Shelton's rear end, but it will be in his interest to coach and support this very openly gay team member.

Oh, Blake! Whatever were you thinking?! No gay man is trying to touch your firm, round mounds of Country joy. You're not fantasizing are you??

But seriously, it's just plain sad that the non-apology apology has remained so stubbornly in place. And his fans aren't stupid - including his gay ones - who are reading between the lines of that condescending nonsense and taking away the message that gay men are somehow less worthy of real apology.

The pressure on him needs to remain relentless.

Wolfgang E. B. Wolfgang E. B. | May 6, 2011 7:41 AM

Despite his apology, I wouldn't want to be the guy who accidentally brushes against his behind in a crowded room. I definitely don't trust the self-control of people who make statements like that.

If I had a dollar for each time one of these yokels said something anti-gay only to follow up with, "That's not how I meant it! I'm cooolio with de gayz."

Bah. If Shelton "loved everybody" he wouldn't have said what he did. Period.

What? Not wanting to get sexually assaulted is homophobia now?

I think the point here is: Not wanting to be sexually assaulted is normal; but beating someone up as your first response to some minor unwanted touching is homophobic.

Even so, I think we ought to move on -- yes, it was a gaff, but obviously Blake Shelton is not going on some anti-gay campaign like NOM and Focus on Family are doing. Let's spend our limited energies on counter-messaging the real homophobes.

What? Not wanting to get the crap beaten out of you is supporting sexual assault now?