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Eddie Long Punks Out

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Who didn’t see this coming?

Last September, megachurch preacher Bishop Eddie Long stood before his congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church a week after gay sex allegations surfaced between him and four teenage boys, and he told members he was going to fight the allegations.

But Long chose not to fight in court. Instead he reached a settlement and paid off the four young men who accused the mega-church preacher of using his power to influence them into sexual relationships with him.

“You can interpret that any way you want, but usually people do not settle cases unless there is some reason to do so,” said former DeKalb County Prosecutor J. Tom Morgan.

Morgan said he is familiar with cases like Long’s.

“They had to reach a settlement if they did not want any statement by the Bishop on record,” said Morgan.


I suppose long had his reasons for settling, but why wouldn’t he want to go on record -- or have his parishioners/employees go on record if there was nothing to the charges? Was there something that made it impossible for him to plausibly deny the charges?

We know about the unfortunate photographs.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Given that serious lapse in judgement, what else might there be that would stop long from fighting to clear his name? Why wouldn’t he fight to prove his innocence?

Maybe he couldn’t. But comments like this from his congregation suggest another reason.

New Birth member Elder Dandridge said she’s glad the case is over. She said her pastor is innocent.

“We’re very excited, very elated about what’s taken place. To God be the glory,” said Dandridge.

He didn’t prove his innocence in court because he doesn’t have to. Not to his followers.

I tend to side with other members of the community.

Because Long settled out of court, some DeKalb County residents question his innocence..
“It says that he’s hiding the truth,” said Robyn Senior.

Otherwise, why not go on record?

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It's unfortunate that Bishop Long, and other gay religious figures, feel that they have to hide who they are in order to be religious, and a travesty that they have to condemn gay people in order to exorcise their own shame in who they are.