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Going Camping?

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Editors' Note: Some people say guest blogger Stacey Gray is cranky, but really she just has a very low tolerance for bullshit. Right now between hypocritical religious bigots and Stacey-Gray.jpgpoliticians on both sides, she has no shortage of that.

As you have probably noticed, the Rapture promised by Mr. Camping & Co. did not occur.

In the video shown and reported in an article here, Mr. Camping used the opportunity of the coming demise of the world to proclaim that it was because God was mad about the broadening acceptance of the GLBTQ reality. Basically he blamed the end of the world on us.

Taking that illogical reasoning to the next logical step, one would have to expect that since the end did not come, that God must not be mad at us, that God is not upset by the tolerance of "the least of these" manifest by the loving people in accordance with Matthew 25:45. The argument could be made that we and those who do not persecute but embrace us saved the world. If God is upset with anybody, it must be with them. He demonstrated that He didn't want them!

I am not naive enough to expect that Mr. Camping and those others of his ilk will see it that way. I don't expect even an apology, much less that their hearts would change to support our equality in Gods love. I am sure we are just days away from the next disaster that will be knee jerk blamed on the wrath of God sent on us and those who tolerate us.

Not long ago in response to continual attacks upon us, our community honored one former Senator Santorum by forever enshrining his name with a definition that even today appears as the first 2 items in an internet search, even before the official sites for the gentleman in question. I am proposing that we commemorate Mr. Camping's bigotry in similar fashion.

Harold_Camping_2011.jpgLadies and Gentlemen, I propose the new phrases, "gone Camping" and "going Camping" (note that the name Camping is capitalized) to cover the past, present and future tense events of fundamentalist evangelical and Bible based belligerent religiosity towards the those of us of the orientation and gender communities.

As we all know, we spend a lot of time and energy defending ourselves against these illogical attacks, only to have our arguments circumvented with simplistic statements like "your homosexual agenda" and "I'm concerned for your salvation" and "it's in the Bible". I propose that we do the same.

From this date forward, when confronted with their blasphemous Biblical perversions, with their illogical accusations and assertions of responsibility, their audacity to claim to know God's plan or will, I suggest that we simply proclaim that the assailant has "gone Camping," declare victory and walk away.

When we hear that a religious right nutjob is blaming a blizzard on gay people, we simply proclaim "He's gone Camping" (We might emphasize that with a hand gesture of an index finger making small circles near our ear) and then we go back about our business of working for our secular equality.

When the next earthquake shakes San Francisco and the American Family Association and their Christian talk radio cohorts suggest it was God's way of destroying the modern day Sodom of San Francisco, we should just say they've "gone Camping," realize that nothing we say or do will change their hatemongering, and then go about our pursuit of equality and justice without them.

When Fox TV parades out their homophobes like Bryan Fischer and Jason Whitlock, their transphobes like Keith Ablow to vomit their vitriol on the airwaves, we just proclaim that they are "going Camping" and turn the channel. We just dismiss them and get on with our lives and business.

And if they persist after that we should just smile and tell them that we are concerned for their equality, because if one American is not equal, none of us are! Then ask them if they are equal! Do they know their Constitution?

When the Westboro Wackys show up with their vile signs and hate, I propose we just block them out by erecting tents or parking our campers in front of them. Without our saying a word, obviously they have "gone Camping".

So what do you think? Shall we just proclaim that they've "gone Camping" and walk away from their rhetoric? If we don't mainstream their nonsense for them, they'll find themselves preaching to the choir. I suspect that will annoy them.

But isn't that the point, that they should be annoyed instead of us?

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Dan Massey | May 26, 2011 7:17 PM

The honest truth is that Jesus took one look at the world, with all the LGBT people, and decided that, with growing LGBT acceptance, there was no real need for him to return right now. He's pretty sure we will get it all worked out ourselves with a little cosmic help, so he will only need to send in his stunt doubles. What Ezekiel may have written 2500 years ago, hasn't been updated in a long long time, after all...and then there is the fun the copyists and translators had along the way.

Jesus sees that Camping (like the "Apostle" Paul before him) missed the point of his (Jesus') life and didn't even carefully read his parables, where he clearly said that, when the "harvest of souls" does come, it will be the weeds of false religionists and false prophets that are caught up first and sent to destruction, not the "saved", who join him in heaven later in the action.

So, to take a trick from Sister Ellen White, founder of the 7th-day Adventists after the Great Disappointment of the Millerites, Jesus didn't need to return because his favorite LGBT communities are saving the souls of humanity for him. Maybe he will give us a little help by massaging the hard hearts back to life. Hallelujah! Gay is good, and trans is encompassing of all.

Good suggestion, Stacey. Thanks for guest posting!