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Man Attacks a Log Cabin Republican at a Bar

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Some Log Cabin Republicans were at a bar, and the visit turned violent in an altercation with another, presumably heterosexual patron.

log-cabin.jpgIn Dallas for their yearly convention, police say that some of the Log Cabin Republicans started cat-calling a straight guy and...

[Sr. Cpl. Kevin] Janse said both the Log Cabin member and the suspect were intoxicated when the incident occurred at about 1 a.m. The Log Cabin member and his friends were whistling at the suspect, who got offended and shoved the victim, Janse said.

The Log Cabin member suffered minor injuries, described as a cut to his nose. The suspect was cited for class-C misdemeanor assault but was not taken into custody.

"Two groups of intoxicated individuals got into a verbal argument," Janse said in an e-mail Saturday afternoon. "Supposedly the victim and his friend were whistling at the suspect, who took offense and shoved the victim. Officers interviewed both parties and made a class-C assault. Which is not a jailable offense if the two parties can be separated, which they were. Detectives are interviewing all parties as we speak but there is no indication of a hate crime based on what both parties are telling detectives. Just two drunk people."

The victim disputes the police report, even though he was drunk at the time and the police report was based on many interviews:

"I don't want this to get more publicity but am concerned that your version, which is based on an inaccurate and misleading police report, is going to get more attention than it should," the victim wrote. "The police treated this as a standard bar fight when instead the guy came up behind me and smashed my face into a glass tumbler while I was seated at a table with several other guys. I declined to prosecute because the suspect apologized in person and seemed to be sincere -- plus it was clear any court experience would be a long and arduous process. ... (As a side matter, I can't believe how many commenters already are taking the position that I deserved it.)"

All I'm going to say is that it seems unlikely to me that a bunch of gay men would go to a straight bar and cat-call a straight boy they didn't know, but then again it's been years since I've hung out with a gay Republican.

I'll also say that women endure a whole lot more than just being cat-called one random night and, if they were to resort to violence, they get prosecuted. If women resorted to violence each and every time, we'd have a revolution on our hands.

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