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Michigan Attacks Pro-Gay University Funding

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 10, 2011 8:30 AM | comments

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Don't accuse government of not accomplishing anything; here they're upholding the moral fabric of America by making certain some people can't get a bone marrow transplant when they get leukemia:

dave-agema.jpgThe Michigan House approved an amendment to the education budget on Thursday night that will penalize state universities and colleges five percent for offering domestic partner benefits for same-sex or unmarried partners.[...]

The approved budget cuts millions of dollars in state funds from the state's K-12 system while shifting some of the funding from the school aid fund into community college funding. State universities and community college were cut 15 percent in the Senate version of the funding, but in the House funding proposal, those entities are cut by 22 percent unless they hold tuition increases to no higher than 7.1 percent.

The Republican sponsor of the amendment says it ensures that universities will "stop skirting the law and the will of the people," as if all university policies are subject or should be subject to a statewide vote (I shouldn't say that - Republican distrust of organized education means they would try to do that if they could).

The budget goes to conference to be reconciled with the senate version, and then goes to the state's rightwing extremist governor.

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california panda | May 10, 2011 8:50 AM

Looks like I need to add Michigan to my list of places to NOT retire in, or live in, or go to school in, or recommend to my friends. To my enemies maybe.

Rick Sutton | May 10, 2011 9:09 AM

Here's all you ened to know about this ugly issue:

UMichigan is one of the world's top-rated academic institutions, at the undergrad and graduate levels. Their medical and law schools are consistently in the Top Ten. In every category. MSU has some top-notch programs, too.

Enact this law, and watch the exodus.

Brain Drain indeed.

I remember being a freshman when the ban on same-sex marriage was passed. The entire election season, anti-gay proponents said it wasn't going to affect the university and BLAM, the next day they took out a full page ad that said that the university was now in trouble for providing same-sex partner benefits. I didn't believe them, but apparently some voters did...or maybe everyone who voted against same-sex marriage was completely aware and completely bigoted.

With all these political abominations happening in the state, even my parents, life-long Republicans, have no intention of remaining in Michigan now that they are at the edge of retirement (Taxing the retirement income of the elderly? Are you nuts?!). I saved my "you get what you vote for" speech for them, but it's telling to me nonetheless.

With the consistent awesomeness of the University of Michigan, there are tons of reasons for me to go back to the school, but increasingly few reasons for me to return to my home state.

I'm so ashamed...