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NOM's Ad against Same-Sex Marriage: It'll Turn Your Kids Gay

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 11, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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NOM has an ad targeting African Americans in New York, whose legislature is considering same-sex marriage this year:

The ad discusses the children, over and over again, as if children will be turned gay because same-sex marriage is legalized in that state. It's because of ridiculous implications like that, implications that speak less about the nature of marriage and more about gay people's right to exist, that I really don't have a problem with people discussing NOM as a hate group.

NOM plans to dump $1.5 million into the state to keep marriage from happening there, a third of which will be for ads.

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Honestly Alex, they will probably win, sad but true...

Gaytorguy | May 12, 2011 1:56 PM

As Goebel said, tell a lie often enough and loud enough and soon people will believe it.
I am not equating the ultra-conservative right to the 3rd Reich. But they have been using the same tactics for a while now. Unfortunately, the liberal side doesn't garner the same monetary amounts to present the truth.
Hyperbole is the name of the game now. Let me correct that, INCORRECT hyperbole is the name of the game.