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Secret GOP Talking Points: Newt Gingrich Is Running for Prez

Filed By Bil Browning | May 12, 2011 9:30 AM | comments

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Proving how hip and with it he is, yesterday Newt Gingrich announced he was running for President on Twitter with a link to his YouTube page. Newt, the only Speaker of the House to be disciplined for ethics violations, is virulently anti-gay and has a lesbian sister, HRC staffer and former Bilerico contributor Candace Gingrich.


Out of office since the last century, the former Congressman has whiled away his retirement by posting book reviews on for spy thrillers and popular histories. After the GOP found Newt yelling at small children to "Get off my lawn!", they quickly realized they needed to come up with some talking points on how to deal with the controversial leader's announced presidential run.

While the document is highly confidential, I've landed a copy. It's after the jump.

Clickety to embiggen.


Yes, this top secret document is a joke. So is Newt's candidacy, but no one is laughing because he might win the nomination with scads of teabagger supporters who loved his review of Joshua's Hammer.

(Hat tip to the Maddow Blog)

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When I think of Newt, I think of high self-importance policy and well who am I kidding he has as much chance of getting the GOP nomination as does Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump or Herman Cain (honestly what problems has he solved as a pizza man/ Federal Reserve worker?). Newt Gingrich just wants another opportunity to cheat on his new wife with an intern just like the TRUMP did or does, the only difference is that Newt buys American unlike the DONALD who can't handle the made in the US label. He is damaged goods.

A club I worked in years a go had a sign near the pool tables: "No Newt is good Newt"

Only one patron was ever offended by that.

"Leroy" means "the king." I'm sure he's noticed.

Heres a list I put together for another site I use enjoy and let the games begin!

Official GOP candidates for President
Newt Gingrich ex member of Congress and former Speaker of the House
Gary E Johnson former governor of New Mexico
Fred Karger Gay rights activist and political consultant
Andy Martin from Illinois
Jimmy McMillan from New York
Jonathon Sharkey from Florida

Still thinking about it
Herman Cain from Atlanta Ga ex member of the Federal Reserve and former CEO.
Roy Moore ex state judge from Alabama
Ron Paul member of congress from Texas.
Tim Pawlenty former Governor of Minnesota
Mitt Romney former Governor from Massachusetts
Rick Santorum former Senator from Pennsylvania
Michele Bachmann member of Congress from Minnesota
John R Bolton ex UN ambassador from Maryland
Mitch Daniels Governor of Indiana
Mike Huckabee ex governor from Arkansas
Jon Huntsman ex Ambassador to China from Utah
Sarah Palin ex governor from Alaska
Donald Trump from New York
Thad McCotter member of Congress from Michigan.

Politics is a contact sport with no rules !

laove ya Caty

And... Ron Paul has now announced. Move him to the other column.

And: ... like his fellow GOP leader Dick Chaney, Newt has a rather famous openly lesbian daughter.

For what that's worth.

Gee ... Sarah or Newt? ... Newt or Sarah? ... Moving right along, which would I rather drink? ... Cyanide or rat poison? ... Rat poison or cyanide? ...

Gaytorguy | May 13, 2011 9:15 PM

Did anyone go to the YouTube announcement? Under the suggested videos nearer the bottom is the video from The Rachel Maddow Show where she describes how Newt has been running or considering running since he left office just to raise money, keep his name in the papers and sell books.
I find THAT very interesting indeed!