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Straight Men Like Penis

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Salon has an interview with two researchers who studied internet sex searches and organized them into usable data. And they've found more evidence to support what the average straight pornographer already knows:

There's pretty overwhelming evidence for it: Men search for penises almost as often as they search for vaginas. There's about a thousand heterosexual sites dedicated to large penises, and large penises are a category of erotica in all the major porn video sites. We think the reason for this is because it's actually from our evolutionary heritage. If you look at all the other primates, the penis is a prominent and versatile social tool used for many different purposes -- to indicate aggression, to mark territory, to indicated sexual interest. The penis may also function as a sperm competition cue. That is a very specific hard-wired cue for men to trigger arousal -- basically if a man has a reason to think that a woman recently had sex with a man it makes him more aroused and the penis must play a role in that.

Their book is on my to read list, but it'll take me a while to get there. Meanwhile, I wonder what they found about straight men's consumption of multiple-women-one-man porn vs. multiple-men-one-woman porn. Something tells me that the so-called ultimate straight male fantasy is, in fact, the penultimate straight male fantasy.

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Consider the prominence of MtF transgender porn into that as well. Only answer I can come up with is, "um, duh?"

Considering that there seems to a lot more TS/male than TS/female porn, I think TS porn is more of a subset of gay porn. I don't think it's because most TS porn stars just happen to be straight.

Though it's certainly true that the genre also appears to appeal to some straight men.

I have to disagree. The overall majority target audience of MtF trans porn is often heterosexual identified men. Some of the target audience actually date trans women, many do not, whether due to the fact that the porn is enough for their fantasies or perhaps some internal shame. Though I find that many trans women also seem to enjoy the genre (I know I just burned through a few megs an hour or so ago), but I digress, as the article is focused on male interests.

I've found most strictly gay men don't usually consume MtF trans porn since they are not typically attracted to women in the first place, penis or otherwise.

I am the queerest kind of gay, gay, gay. I've never had sex with a woman. And yet I may go home and see if I can find that video in the pic. I love to watch a good gangbang.

Social stigma has left sexual arousal as one of the least understood elements of human behavior. That's especially sad because it's an area with such complex and interesting avenues to explore. Glad to hear someone is doing research. Maybe it'll move us closer to being a society that can relax and let everyone enjoy what they like.

Annabel Chong did an interview on that film with Nerve. This part was related to the topic at hand:

I didn't think they were thinking about it in sadistic terms because they seemed to be very timid when they came up to me. They weren't like "Yeeaah! I'm gonna fuck this bitch!" They were like, "Oh, Annabel!" I think they were too self-conscious to really be sadistic. There was this bizarre sort of homoeroticism in the whole event because there were all these naked men and they were all looking at each other, checking out the competition, and it's almost cruisy. It's almost as if the interest was in each other instead of me. Standing in line waiting, stroking their dicks, looking at each other's dicks, you know hoping that they'd get their dick hard before the guy beside him.

You might also check out this book, Sex At Dawn, that discusses the psychological and physiological reasons why men like Gangbangs. It says the exact same thing about men's arousal regarding a woman who has just had sex.

Besides men have always been fascinated with their own and others' plumbing.

I found the 'straight men searching for penis's' aspect most startling and surprising. I have lots of straight pals; most of them quite comfortable in talking about gay or straight sex stuff. Yet never has even one of them admitted to ever glancing at another guy's dick. In fact, many of them either scrunch up their faces or just guffaw at the notion. Curiously tho, most will admit that they find this or that movie star 'very handsome', or they say stuff like: 'Well if I was gay, I might want to spend a night with Brad Pitt', or things like that. Anyway, I plan to share the Salon article with a few of them and see what they come up with.