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Taiwan to Teach about Gays in School

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California is debating teaching about LGBT people in schools, but Taiwan will be starting in September:

taiwan.jpgAt a press conference with like-minded parents and teachers, [Legislator] Chu said she was not opposed to the idea of teaching children about gender equality, but thought it would be too much to include issues such as homosexuality and sexual desires.

In response, [section chief of the MOE's Student Affairs Committee] Ker said one of the subjects on the MOE's planned curriculums was "understanding sexual orientation." There are no plans to include the topic of "sexual desires," he said.

The MOE announced last month that effective September, gay issues would be included in elementary and junior high school curriculums.

The decision to put gay issues on school curriculums was in accordance with the Gender Equity Education Act and was meant to promote gender.

One school in England that teaches LGBT history claims to have eradicated anti-gay bullying and the British government has suggested LGBT lessons to integrate diversity into other courses. In the US, though, we're still trying to get the federal government to stop funding homophobic sex education programs.

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Keeping people uniformed is the first step to maintaining control over an issue. Only in honest examination can you find truth.

Rules around eduction, about safe schools, curriculum, teacher job protections, etc., are incredibly important because of that. It's important to make sure the next generation is learning the truth instead of the same lies most of us were taught in school about LGBT people.

Yet another country that america feels morally superior to is leaving us in the dust when it comes to human rights. When will we reverse this course charted by the conservatives?