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Texas A&M Conservatives Preparing to Replace Jerry Falwell

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 10, 2011 5:30 PM | comments

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These campus conservatives down at Texas A&M (the same school that voted to defund the LGBT Campus Center) seem pretty different from those who were around when I was in college. The ones I went to college with mostly just whined about how people disagree with conservatives and how there wasn't any affirmative action-type program for conservative students - they usually left the morality and sexuality issues alone. These rightwingers down at A&M seem particularly sexually repressed:

I don't know what's sadder, the fact that Justin Pulliam and his fellow campus conservatives are, at their young age, such scolds that they sent someone undercover to a safe sex conference to film it and then report it to the media, or the fact that there's a college group that's organizing, in 2011, around eliminating an LGBT campus center.

For a few decades there it was always the campus conservatives who were talking about free speech, when it came to opposing hate speech rules and protesting conservative speakers on campus. The times might be changing, or maybe it's just Texas.

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Seriously, is the kid even old enough to be in college?

And what 'new sex' is he talking about? The Karma Sutra is over a thousand years old and I think it covers most of, what did he find thats new? ...hand lotion?

nope ain't just Texas. It's the conservafool movement period.

It's just our Lone Star flag waving conservafools were ahead of the curve in oppressing the TBLG community.

If they can get LGBT people to stop having safe sex, there will be more of us around. They're just trying to practice slow eugenics.