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'The Daily Show' on New Gay vs. Old Gay

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 11, 2011 9:30 AM | comments

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The Daily Show did a segment on that cute Advocate "study" earlier this year that showed that Minneapolis was the gayest city in America, which some people took far too seriously (in 2010, the same writer at The Advocate said Atlanta, Burlington, and Iowa City were the gayest cities in America, and Minneapolis wasn't in the top 15).

Notice how the "new gay" couple includes Target very prominently in their daily routine. How much did Target pay for that kind of brand placement? I don't think it was a sly commentary from The Daily Show that the "new gay" just cold doesn't give a fuck about gay rights.

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The "new gays" live in a rather plush zone of personal comfort, which they feel does not need disturbed by becoming a "thinking" gay, or engaging in any of the political battles which exist everyplace, including Minnesota. Why bother learning about gay history? For them, gay history only began the day they were born. Don't they see within their own midst Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachman, and the others of her ilk who would force all the "new gays" right back into the closet the moment they get a legislative chance? It's so often the "new gays" that you hear complain that they aren't voting because the politicians are all the same. That's right, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Barney Frank, Barack Obama, all alike in their minds. Gay bashing? What's that? The "new gays" may as well simply be called " clueless gays". The "new gays" are political sloths who are too busy at their shopping malls, and will gladly let others do their political heavy lifting.

See a current exhibit of the papers of Frank Kameny at the US Library of Congress. Among the items displayed is the letter firing him from his PhD position as an astronomer with the federal government, simply for being gay. The letter states that "the revulsion that co-workers feel" must be taken into consideration. There is a mile long list of political issues for gays, non-existent if you choose to be clueless. These guys may have an awakening if they ever need the Social Security benefits of a partner, or don't get tenure at their university because of gay considerations.

Why give a damn about gay rights when you can vicariously live through Lady Gaga's fame.

Or, when you can get filthy rich and pretty much circumvent any disadvantage.

Paige Listerud | May 11, 2011 10:05 PM

I expect The Daily Show to set up false dichotomies and hyperbolize but, come on gang, do you all really think this comic sketch represents the "old gay" vs. "new gay"? Maybe I know too many politically impassioned young LGBTQ.

Lighten up.

Give it up... With very few exceptions, most every gay battle has already been fought and, thankfully, won. The biggest real battle we have at hand now is to just live good, clean lives.

VaqueroSF | May 12, 2011 2:03 AM

I'll have to concur with Paige: Lighten up. Obviously, the piece on "The Daily Show" was meant to be a satirical commentary on the notion of "new gay" vs. "old gay." What does that even mean??

Furthermore, if you read the comments on the article in the Advocate, you'll see that not too many readers took the choices (or the methodology) of the Advocate's "gayest cities" too seriously. Although I am a proud San Franciscan, I'm pleased that some unlikely candidates have risen to the top of the list of "gayest cities." If we can go to Cleveland and find a city rife with gayness, I think that's progress.

Ultimately, if one really wishes to turn this into serious political commentary, the big takeaway might be that there are a multitude of ways in which individuals and communities express their sexuality. Sometimes, it might be very mainstream, quotidian, and rather ordinary. For others, sexuality is expressed as, well, sex. Still others might express their sexuality in more overtly political ways. Whatever the case, we don't need to flee to SF, NY, or West Hollywood anymore in order to find a community where we can express ourselves in the best way we know how--or in the way we'd like. I'm happy to be here in SF. It feels like home. For the citizens of Minneapolis-St. Paul--the reigning queen of American cities--I salute you, too.

I agree. It is surprising to most people to learn that Iowa has legal gay marriage. When I tell people that I often hear in response, "Iowa? Of all places!"

But the comfortable life style my husband and I enjoy didn't just happen. The rights we have were hard fought and continue to be under attack, but polls suggest that they are being resisted by fewer and fewer people.

The fact that we enjoy a comfortable life here should not mean that we have become complacent.

Loren Olson
"Finally Out: Letting Go of Living Straight"

Target's prominence in the clip very well could be because Target is based in Minneapolis. I also think it wasn't just new versus old gay as much it was us in the midwest being boring and dull. You could easily find a dull gay couple in San Francisco and you could find a flamboyant gay triad or whatever in Minneapolis.

"New gay?" "Old gay." BFD! Most gay men only care about themselves anyway. They don't give a shit about trans people and their issues. So, no difference.

VaqueroSF | May 12, 2011 4:21 PM

Wow, Monica. You get the prize for "Sweeping Over-generalization of the Day." I hope you'll find some good comrades here on Bilerico who will link arms with you, share in your apparent dislike of gay men, and care about your issues. You do seem to have some...

The sad part is the award would only last for a day. By the next day there will be someone else who'd like to pick up that prize. *sighs* So tiresome to deal with.