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The Judge's Sweet Smelling Jockstrap

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File this under "I'm sure he meant well." Waupaca, Wisconsin Judge Philip Kirk presided over the trial of 71 year old former school bus driver Delton Gorges on charges of child molestation. When Gorges submitted paperwork that included a description of himself as heterosexual, the judge took issue with the statement and told him, "I think you were born gayer than a sweet smelling jock strap."

The judge later goes on to express sympathy for what he assumes is a life spent in the closet, so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he's trying to be generally gay-positive. That said, the primary group of people responsible for child molestation is straight men and attraction to children - no matter their gender - isn't "gay" or "straight." That's pedophilia.

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Just does this Judge know what jock straps smell like? (I'm just saying....)

Well, bjohnm, let's put it this way ... if your jockstrap smells like Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds, there's a good chance you're gay.

When I was in high school, we had a team postion called the "coach's assistant" -- that is a euphemism for the guy who collects up the dirty jocks and socks and sends them through the laundry -- usually operating the washer and dryer himself -- and then re-distributes the clean jocks and socks. He does other grunt jobs too, like making sure the showers have soap in the dispensers, scrubbing the toilets and urinals when needed ... you get the picture.

Nobody made fun of the coach's assistant, because obviously it was a humble job, and if the guy quits, it might be difficult replacing him.

The coach's assistant we had grew up to be one of the best math teachers the school has ever had.

Judge Kirk,
I've smelled some sweaty jockstraps in my time and they are not sweet. Where do you get yours?

Hon. Philip M. Kirk
Circuit Court Judge, Br. I
Term expires: 07-31-2011

(715) 258-6430
(715) 258-6440 - Fax

John Gagon | May 11, 2011 8:24 AM

He obviously has a penchant for femme-bois. I like my jockstraps pungent. By the way, I hear its 4 toe taps at the Wisconsin Circuit Court, not 3 or 2 at the last stall there.

Is this judicial notice that being gay is an innate and immutable characteristic?

The jock strap comment is funny, but this guy is literally saying pedophiles are gay. Maybe it's just a lack of education on the topic, but those are pretty damaging comments.

John Gagon | May 11, 2011 8:20 AM

Imagine the skewing of facts if anyone of us were to actually declare the fact that heterosexuality is the primary cause of pedophilia. This would ignore the fact that heterosexuals are more likely to have children to molest or be around their children's friends presenting even more opportunity.

But if one of us were to really go public with a statement like "Stop heterosexual teachers! They are more likely to molest your children!" I think we'd be facing the pitchforks and torches, not the usual civil disobedience or strongly worded memos.

Well, perhaps a few decades ago before free-thinking when norms tended to reinforce privacy in such matters, any violation of which meant becoming a sacrificial scapegoat for society. Do I have too much faith in straight allies? I hope not.

First, pedophilia is wrong. Period. Having said that, I think the gay community needs to pause and reflect about the way we compartmentalize sexuality. My own father struggled with living a lie his entire life. He is now in jail for 3-6 years, having been entrapped in a police sting designed to arrest men who pay for sex with other men, and teen boys. I don't think my dad is a pedophile, but I do think that potentially paying for sex with teenage boys could have been an outlet for him to express his sexual attractions. Not saying it was right, just observing the sexuality piece. I also think there is a big difference between being attracted to young boys and being attracted to boys in their late teens. Why is it okay for society to joke about straight men being attracted to cheerleaders for example (sexism etc), but if it's gay men boy do we freak out (their pedophiles). We all know there's a huge market for twinks or boys who are marketed as "barely legal." I think we need to accept the diversity of sexual attraction to some degree.

There is also a huge market for young 16+ or 18+ women who are "barely legal" --- so I'm not sure there's all that much distinction between same-sex and opposite-sex pedophilia.

Keep it simple, as your first sentence does: Pedophilia is wrong (as in, illegal), period.

Tall Stacey | May 11, 2011 9:13 PM

Without knowing any more than this article & video, without knowing what other information may have been presented to indicate the defendant's orientation,it would be imprudent to condemn the Judge's comments taken out of context. However in any context I would have to suggest that the man's jock strap comment was crude and vulgar and reflects poorly upon the Court. His apparent conviction that pedophilia is somehow related to homosexuality is obviously uninformed and smacks of bigotry. Other than that the man's general demeanor would not suggest he is the sharpest tool in the shed to start with. We can only hope that Lonnie's comment regarding his term expiration is correct and that he will not be re-elected to the bench.